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June 30, 2015 – DALLAS, TX – The Sound Organisation announces their appointment as exclusive distributor of UK based ProAc Loudspeakers in the US effective July 1, 2015.  Award winning ProAc Loudspeakers are designed and hand-crafted at their sole facility in Northhamptonshire, UK under the direction of Stewart Tyler, the Chairman and Chief Designer, who founded the company in 1978.

The Sound Organisation, through its network of specialty audio retailers, offers select ProAc bookshelf and floor standing loudspeakers including the Tablette Anniversary Mini Monitor, Studio-, Response-, and K- Ranges. US prices range from $2,200 to $39,500 pair, available in premium cherry, black ash, mahogany, rosewood and ebony finishes to order, and all supported by a 5 year warranty.

ProAc speakers are built under the watchful eye of Mr. Tyler, who is ultimately responsible for every detail from dimensions to final voicing. This attention to detail is passed through each highly trained ProAc technician who hand builds, tests, and is responsible for maintaining quality control of each loudspeaker flowing down the production line. From the use of fully bespoke drive units designed for each application, to the painstaking process of integrating drive units, the build quality of each ProAc Loudspeaker is unsurpassed.

“The appointment of The Sound Organisation as our new partner in the USA opens an exciting new era for ProAc. Their expertise in promoting British brands and their excellent customer service will bring the ProAc marque back to where it belongs in the very important North American Market.”  – Stewart Tyler, Founder, Chairman and Chief Designer.

About The Sound Organisation
For over twenty years, the mission of The Sound Organisation is to bring the most musical sounding home audio components from Europe to the USA. TSO proudly offers Arcam, Chord Company, DALI, ProAc, Quadraspire,  Rega Research and Wilson Benesch to North American specialty audio retailers. Backed by a unique team of sales, training and service technicians, TSO provides a combination of responsible and responsiveyou the very best sound for the dollar. retail support delivering the very best sound for the dollar.