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The SoGo Mini Speaker Is The World’s First Customizable Portable Speaker With Built-in RGB Lights and Bone Conductive Technology

WATERBURY, Conn., Oct. 31, 2014  — There are few fundamental features that defines a portable speaker.  Designer Richard White, President of NimbX Technology takes utmost care so that the SoGo Mini not only has those features, but also has those features in enhanced form; like a 20-plus hour battery, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, speakerphone functionality, RGB lighting, mini subwoofer, customizable case and app feature, and capability to pair multiple SoGo Mini speakers at once.

Along with those fundamental qualities, Richard inculcates this mini speaker with some exceptional features built inside on the circuit board, and ability to completely customize your speaker to match your room, outfit, or man cave. These are not available on any other portable speaker in the world.  The SoGo Mini can be also used as a speakerphone when it is being used in conjunction with the Android/IOS, MAC/PC app.

Generally, the performances of small speakers tend to lack in bass and treble frequency range.  In order to overcome this limitation, NimbX Technology has made sure to take every step from engineering the shape and design, to the customized app, to the highly engineered circuitry, to get the BEST of equal bass and treble ratio.  This attention to detail puts the SoGo Mini above and beyond small and large size speakers.

The SoGo Mini is now on Kickstarter and there is a limited time left to get its Kickstarter goal met.  It is the only Bluetooth speaker on the planet that is customizable and lightweight with a unique shape.  It can be put into the pocket, hung on a wall, or be placed on your table or countertop, and turn those into a bigger speaker using Bone Conductive technology.  Feel the beat and turn yourself on today.  Get one before they are all gone. Visit the Kickstarter Campaign Link here.

Richard White, Owner/President,
NimbX Technology