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Sky Devices Announces New Products, New Retailers, And A Great New Honor

MIAMI — Sky Devices is an innovative, forward-thinking mobile phone manufacturer that has continued to enjoy tremendous success and loyalty, establishing a recognizable brand within the smartphone industry. Buoyed by exceptional, flawless design and rigorous manufacturing, Sky Devices products have found strong support among consumers demanding more cost-effective alternatives to the typical ‘giants’ of the industry and their expensive options.

Due to impressive demand and innovative designs, Sky Devices has added 5 new products to its lineup: HealthBand, Elite 5.5L+, Elite 6.0L+, Elite PhotoPro and Platinum 7.0+. Relying on the strong foundation of the Android operating system, consumers have access to thousands of powerful personal and business apps.

Among its amazing portfolio, Sky Devices’ Elite 5.5L was named Best Business Smartphone by CompuChannel for their #ChannelAwards2016. This is an incredible honor for the company to have one of its products recognized for its design, innovation, and performance.

Sky Devices is also proud to announce its new retail partners, Best Buy and BrandSmart. Consumers can now find and purchase Sky Devices products at these and other trusted retailers, providing unlocked and powerful smartphone options.

Roberto Conrado, CMO of Sky Devices, said of these new announcements, “It’s an exciting time for us. Demand is growing and the response from our customers has been tremendous and supportive. We stand at a new frontier and we can’t wait to deliver more and better options to people all over the world.”

High quality products, innovative vision, and unmatched customer service and support means the sky may be the only limit for what’s to come from this exciting, consumer oriented company.

For more information about the products please visit their website at and @SkyDevices on Social Media.