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Screen Innovations Announces New Lower Gain Slate Screen

Austin, TX—April 30, 2015—Screen Innovations (SI), the purveyors of innovation in the two-piece projection industry, has again changed the game by offering the first ambient-light screen that’s massive and black in color—Slate® .8. Since it’s introduction, in 2013, Slate® has taken the middle market by storm by delivering amazing contrast, clarity, and color reproduction in brightly lit environments. The new, black Slate .8 gain screen (along with Slate 1.2 gain) features SI’s largest, most versatile ambient-light-rejecting screen technology to date, and is available in sizes of up to a 250 inches (diagonal) in Zero Edge® FLEX, Fixed, and Motorized screen formats.

Made in the USA, Slate® was invented in 2013 as an affordable alternative to Screen Innovations’ legendary, award-winning Black Diamond® screen technology. Slate® delivers stunning images and a fully immersive entertainment experience by rejecting 65% of a room’s ambient light, vs. a white or grey screen’s rejection of less than 10%.

“We will stop at nothing to fulfill the needs of our customers. During testing, Slate .8 caused our beta partners to think beyond the former capabilities of their projectors,” said Ryan Gustafson, chief designer, founder, and president of SI.  “Our dealers are installing Slate .8 in well-lit rooms, and experiencing black levels and improved contrast that were unimaginable a year ago. SI employees, motivated by our enthusiastic beta partners’ response, are pushing the boundaries of two-piece projection every day, creating major industry advancements. Slate .8 is the first massive, ambient-light black screen in the world that has created a paradigm shift for large screen projection applications.  Innovation is in our DNA.”

Slate® is made from a flexible, multiparticle optic material that delivers a 55% increase in contrast over its nearest competitor, and is designed to blend flawlessly with the décor of any environment.

More about Slate .8:

Suggested Retail Price:  Starting at $2,100.00 USD

Available screen sizes:  80-250 inches (Custom sizes available on request)

Gain options:  .8, 1.2

Formats:  Motorized, Zero Edge® FLEX and Fixed Frame  

Shipping:  Now Shipping

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About Screen Innovations

Founded in 2003 in Austin, Texas, Screen Innovations is a leading manufacturer of projection screens and associated technologies for residential and commercial applications. SI’s Black Diamond®, the world’s first and only multidirectional ambient-light-rejection projection screen technology, has effectively revolutionized the two-piece projection category.

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