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OMEGA Enhances Support Site For 2014 Remote Start Season

Douglasville, Georgia – October 27, 2014 – Omega Research and Development Technologies, Inc. has just released updated vehicle information on their installer support site,  Product Development Manager Mike Thompson says “Despite the fact that Omega is not an audio company, we realize that our installers need a one-stop solution for technical support whether they’re installing an alarm, remote start, head unit, or headrest monitor. We take our customer support offering very seriously and, if we can do anything to save our installers time, we will.” now has a full suite of audio and vehicle entertainment information for most late model vehicles. Extra remote start & alarm information has also been added to give installers more connection choices when planning an installation. Only authorized Omega dealers are granted access to help streamline the website’s performance and give them the advantage they need. Visit today & register!

And, Omega hasn’t forgotten about their mobile installers. All of these updates are also available on WireSheet mobile (just visit on your smartphone) along with an enhanced Omegalink interface module lookup.

For information on becoming an Omega Dealer in the US, email us at [email protected]

For more information on Omega’s car security, keyless entry and remote start product lines, please visit,,, and

About Omega:

Omega Research & Development Technologies has been an innovative leader in the vehicle security industry for over 40 years. Since its founding in 1971, Omega’s product line has diversified to include remote start modules and other vehicle accessory products. Omega’s most recent product offerings include the exciting new technologies of telematics, wireless and databus integration.

With the vision of the founder, Kenneth Flick, guiding the company, auto security systems remain the central focus of Omega Research & Development Technologies. In 1995, Omega became the only company in the keyless entry arena with a technology designed to prevent crime due to unauthorized transmitter access to vehicle systems. The patented technology, Unauthorized Transmitter Alert, promises to revolutionize the industry. Consumers can now have instant knowledge of any unauthorized access to their keyless entry systems. Most of the product lines manufactured by Omega are equipped with Unauthorized Transmitter Alert technology.

Omega’s mission, as it was over four decades ago, is to provide reliable, leading-edge security and automotive accessory products at a competitive price.

For more information contact:

Javier Leiva, North American Sales Director

Omega Research and Development Technologies, Inc.

800-554-4053 / [email protected]