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Nortek Security & Control Unveils Linear ProControl Access Control Ecosystem with Remote Management Console

Linear ProControl is a commercial grade, secure front and back-end integrated security and access control platform with a broad ecosystem of attachment services, exclusive dealership program, and revolutionary Remote Management Console.

Carlsbad, CA – November 17, 2015 – Nortek Security & Control, LLC, a leader in security and access control solutions, today introduced the Linear ProControl™ embedded network appliance and access control ecosystem. The Linear ProControl product portfolio includes everything an organization needs for comprehensive security and access control, from one to 256 doors, including secure remote access out of the box via the Remote Management Console (RMC).

Linear ProControl with RMC delivers a competitive advantage because it encompasses an entire commercial security and access control management ecosystem. The turnkey solution’s integrated back-end opens up a variety of revenue streams through enhanced support and RMR services. Elevator control, anti-pass back, threat level/lock down, partitioning, custom reports, administrative audit trails, and an array of video, viewing and other features can be securely managed on or offsite through the intuitive RMC dashboard.

The solid-state design of Linear ProControl lowers total cost of ownership for dealers since there are no moving parts. Multiple at-a-glance status indicators, graphic floor plans, an event log, a video verification window and more can all be monitored simultaneously through the intuitive user interface. Since the remote management license is included, users can also securely manage the ProControl system right out of the box with a mobile device with no client and database license fees, and no need for dedicated PC workstations

“There are very few embedded access control solutions that offer a truly secure pipeline for remote management,” said John LaFond, vice president, integrated systems, Nortek Security & Control. “Linear ProControl directly addresses key stability and security issues dealers are facing with cloud and PC-based solutions, plus it opens up new opportunities for RMR and attachment sales to broaden the lifetime value of every customer.”

Linear ProControl appliances come pre-loaded with the Remote Management Console and dealers enjoy a year of free connectivity with each installation. A superior alternative to other provider’s port forwarding and virtual private networks (VPN), the RMC enables easy and secure remote access to the Linear ProControl web server, even if the device is located in a private or mobile network behind a router or firewall. Today’s market requires security technologies be protected by a firewall and RMC ensures secure remote access even when additional cyber security solutions are in place.

RMC connectivity within Linear ProControl is based on an extension of the well-known and proven HTTP protocol with key exceptions. In traditional HTTP connections, the client (web browser) is responsible for opening a connection and sending requests to the equipment’s web server. With RMC, however, it’s the Linear ProControl appliance that establishes the HTTP network connection, using its RMC app to open a more secure connection to a dedicated server called the RMC Server. Since the RMC Server simply forwards HTTP requests, without storing any critical data, the RMC service does not introduce any additional data security or privacy risk.

Linear ProControl is the flagship of Nortek Security & Control’s family of Linear Access control products. This portfolio also includes the Linear E3 line, which delivers mainstream access control features designed for small to mid-market applications, specifically served by our low voltage distributors.

LaFond continued, “Linear ProControl with RMC is the direct result of listening to our dealers and using their feedback to develop the blueprint for what an access control management system should be. We strongly believe ProControl will emerge as the gold standard in our industry based on the innovative technology and the unparalleled dealer support behind it.”

If you are interested in becoming a Linear ProControl dealer please call 1-800-421-1587. Nortek Security & Control can also be found on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

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