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Nortek Security & Control Introduces Integrated Proactive Wellness Solution

Numera Libris with Numera EverThere pair existing advanced mPERS fall detection with cloud-based health data and personal medical device connectivity.

Las Vegas, NV – January 6-9 – International CES 2016 – Sands Booth #70936 –Nortek Security & Control LLC, a Nortek, Inc. company (Nasdaq: NTK), and a leader in health and wellness technology, announces the addition of health measurement data capturing capabilities via wireless connection to their Numera® Libris® mPERS solution. The Numera Libris will now integrate proactive health data so seniors and their families, as well as anyone with chronic illnesses, have the tools to track and share important health and activity information, empowering engagement and early intervention. The new solution is designed to drive active and social participation in wellness through objective health data.

Health device integration and insights provided by the Numera Libris and accompanying web-based platform Numera EverThere® enable effective detection of risks with quick intervention, reducing financial burden on caregivers and giving them peace of mind. Libris now also connects wirelessly with common medical devices such as pulse oximeters, blood pressure gauges, scales and thermometers. Data from these devices is then automatically uploaded to the EverThere platform to inform, motivate and connect individuals, their families and caregivers to promote healthy behaviors.

Users can customize notifications through the EverThere platform based on their loved one’s conditions and needs. For example, if an individual has diabetes and regularly checks their glucose levels, notifications can be sent when levels fall below desired pre-defined targets so the user and his or her care team are made aware and can discuss modifications to the care plan.

“Today’s solutions are reactive, often don’t integrate with existing devices and systems and aren’t social, therefore they don’t motivate patients to think proactively about their own health,” said Tim Smokoff, group vice president health & wellness, Nortek Security & Control. “By integrating health measurement information like weight, blood pressure and glucose levels, with activities of daily living, a better picture of overall health and wellness is captured.”

U.S. census demographic predictions show that more than 20% of Americans will be 65 and over by the year 2040; as smart home and wearable technology evolve, solutions like Numera Libris with EverThere will help make independent living a more convenient and affordable possibility. Accompanying cloud platform EverThere facilitates a social approach to healthcare, allowing family members and professional caregivers to observe, react and set monitoring parameters for their loved ones from a distance.

Smokoff continued, “Libris and EverThere in seniors’ lives means cooperation between families and other caregivers is possible like never before – with the goal of producing positive health outcomes such as providing health related insights to induce active participation in wellness, strengthening prevention activities, reducing health related costs and managing chronic conditions proactively.”

Health data services will be available in Numera Libris and EverThere in spring 2016.

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