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NextLevel Acoustics’ ‘Color of Sound’ Service Customizes Samsung Frame TVs and NextLevel Fusion Frame Soundbars with Hundreds of Benjamin Moore Colors

Ideal for integrators who want to stylishly incorporate high-performance media systems into room design.

Boston, Mass. (July 8, 2024) – NextLevel Acoustics—leader in architectural and design-oriented audio solutions—introduced its ‘Color of Sound’ service today, which allows integrators to customize Samsung Frame TV frame kits and NextLevel Acoustics Fusion Frame soundbars with any Benjamin Moore paint color in matte or flat finish (semigloss coming soon).

The Color of Sound Service began when NextLevel Acoustics saw a hole in the AV market for Samsung Frame TV bezel colors that go beyond standard color options.

“Color of Sound reimagines systems with more elegant and stylish audio integrations, transforming any media room from typical to spectacular using color,” says Lee Weber, co-owner of NextLevel Acoustics. “There is no limitation on how creative integrators and designers can get.”

The process to obtain the Color of Sound Service on a Samsung Frame TV is simple: Send NextLevel Acoustics the Samsung frame kit (white is preferred) in its original protective packaging and box. Using its proprietary two-stage process, NextLevel Acoustics paints the frame bezel kit to your specified Benjamin Moore color and finish. Once completed, the company will repack the frame in its original protective packaging and ship it back.

Add High-Performance, Stylish Sound with Fusion Frame Soundbars

NextLevel Acoustics’ Fusion Frame soundbar line can also be ordered in any Benjamin Moore color in either flat or matte finish for a complete media system that complements any room.

Designed for the Samsung Frame TV in style and form factor, Fusion Frame soundbars are the thinnest soundbars available thanks to NextLevel’s proprietary Zero-Gap flush-mount system. The Fusion Frame soundbar has only 1.75 inches of exposed depth, while the Fusion Frame Slim soundbar, which is designed to match the Ultra Thin Samsung Frame TV, has only 1.25 inches. These slim designs further add to an AV system’s elegance, while delivering reference-quality, powerful sound and room-filling dynamics. Both are available in a variety of designer grille fabrics and sound configurations.

Contact [email protected] or 617-237-2875 to find a NextLevel Acoustics partner.

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About NextLevel Acoustics

NextLevel Acoustics’ design journey began with a team of audio engineers and integrators focused on superior sound quality and aesthetics for home technology and commercial applications. As technology advanced and NextLevel redefined what was possible, demand grew for better solutions that were more attractive to homeowners, the hospitality industry, interior designers, and architects. To answer this call, NextLevel created the first aesthetically integrated soundbar for the Samsung Frame TV, and began pioneering other architectural audio solutions that put integrated design and performance first. This design-forward approach gives NextLevel Acoustics the uncommon ability to create one-off custom audio solutions to match any design brief while maintaining the company’s legacy of sonic excellence, superior aesthetics, and outstanding performance.

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