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Mobile Lifestyles Now Require Consumers To Practice Good Hygiene!

As much as 82 percent of all touchscreens are contaminated with bacteria, which is why consumers need to use WHOOSH! Screen Shine to keep their screens and devices clean and shining like new.

TORONTO, CANADA — In today’s mobile world, the importance of maintaining personal cleanliness doesn’t end with the washing of our hands.  It now has to extend to the regular cleaning of our mobile devices, according to Jason Greenspan, CEO of WHOOSH! Inc.  “Research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at the University of London indicates that 82 percent of mobile phones have some form of bacterial contamination, making it more important than ever before to keep the screens of our most frequently used devices clean by practicing safe and effective tech hygiene.”

According to Greenspan, WHOOSH! Screen Shine is the most advanced non-toxic, streak-free screen cleaning solution that safely cleans screens while keeping them shining like new and resistant to fingerprints and smudges.  It’s also the only screen and device cleaner that has won a 2014 CES Innovations Design & Engineering Award, is certified by the Sharp STAR Program for use on Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive displays, and carries a ‘Safe for Your Screen’ guarantee.*

WHOOSH! Screen Shine is made with non-toxic and biodegradable surfactants instead of with harsh chemicals that can not only damage your device but harm your health.  The solution’s proprietary formula also leaves an ultra-thin invisible coating that resists dirt build-up, smudges, and fingerprints.  WHOOSH! does not contain alcohol, acides, ammonia, chlorine, petroleum distillates, phosphates or volatile organic compounds.

So just how dirty are our mobile devices?  According to Greenspan, plenty dirty.  “The average cell phone is up to ten times dirtier than a toilet seat, according to Yahoo!”

In a Wall Street Journal article published last year, Dr. Jeffrey Cain, President of the American Academy of Family Physicians, said, “People are just as likely to get as sick from their phones as they are from handles in the bathroom.”  The article goes on to state that even some cleaners marketed specifically for mobile devices can damage the screen coating, which isn’t an issue for WHOOSH! because it is guaranteed not to harm or damage your screen when used as directed.

“More people touch more devices than ever before and this reality requires all of us to extend our personal hygiene practices to our mobile devices,” Greenspan emphasized.  “If we wash our hands several times a day, and we should, then we should do the same with our mobile devices.  That’s how important the practice of good tech hygiene is.”

Greenspan points to a number of other studies that reinforce his argument for good tech hygiene. CBC Canada did a report on researchers at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton who measured the types of organic material left behind on phones.  Manager of Infection Control Anne Bialachowski found everything from fecal matter to E.Coli on mobile device screens.  Additionally, a video demonstration posted last year by Mashable asserted that as many as 25,107 bacteria were present per square-inch on cell phone screens.  By comparison a pet food dish held 2,110 bacteria per square-inch and a retail checkout screen held 4,500 bacteria per square-inch. 

“The bottom line is that most people don’t think about how dirty their device screens get, but they should because their health depends upon it to a greater and greater extent,” Greenspan explains.  “The good news is that they can do something about it every day — practice good tech hygiene.”

WHOOSH! Screen Shine is currently available in 3 sizes at Pocket (.3 fluid ounce) for $5.99, Go (1 fluid ounce) for $9.99, and Duo (one 3.4 fluid ounces and one .3 fluid ounce) for $19.99. All sizes come with a 6”x6” WHOOSH! micro-fiber antimicrobial cloth. WHOOSH! is currently available for sale in Apple retail stores, Fry’s Electronics, Adorama Camera and at many wireless stores across North America, as well as online at and WHOOSH is also available for the commercial, industrial, and education markets. 

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, WHOOSH!® Inc. is defining the next generation of clean by leveraging the latest advancements in formula development to create powerful, non-toxic and safe specialty-purpose cleaning products that simply outperform other traditional and natural cleaning products.

*”SAFE FOR YOUR SCREEN” GUARANTEE. The WHOOSH!® screen cleaner product is guaranteed to not harm any screen of an electronic device that uses a screen of a type and nature that was commercially available on or before January 1, 2014 (including and limited to Apple Retina® displays, TFT, Glass, LCD, Plasma, LCD, OLED, UltraHD, CRT, Eink, and Ultra HD screens), so long as used properly.  If you feel the WHOOSH!® screen cleaner product, when used properly and according to the instructions provided with the product or on our website, has harmed the screen of your electronic device, WHOOSH! will either repair or replace the device.  Please see the complete Safe For Your Screen Guarantee at WHOOSHSCREENSHINE.COM. 


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