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London, England, 29 January 2015 – Innovative Design Firm, Kool Tidy Products Ltd., debuts their new Kool Tidy Earbud Carrier at the NEC Spring Fair in Birmingham, February 1-5, 2015. This pocket-size earphone wind-up and storage device solves the problem of tangled cables and is THE new “must-have” gadget for the mobile and audio industries.

Who hasn’t experienced exasperation at having to spend time fooling around with knotted earphone cables when there are so many better things to do? Jammed into pockets, stuffed into knapsacks and handbags, crammed inside drawers and tossed haphazardly onto counters and desks… busy people on the go all need and want the same thing: A simple, workable solution to the problem of managing cables.

“We look at the little problems of everyday living and come up with exciting new ways to solve them” says Arthur Tomlinson, Design Engineer, Inventor and CEO of his company, Kool Tidy Products Ltd. “I set out to solve the problem of earphone cables always getting tangled, but wanted a functional device we could all use that was also stylish and simple – one that was practical while being lightweight and comfortable in the hand, with a state-of-the-art look. The design is important to me because people want attractive things.”

The result was the Kool Tidy Earbud Carrier, which winds up earphone and headphone cables at the push of a button into a sleek, organically structured housing device. The key is the unique patented winding system that prevents the cables from being tangled inside or damaged. How does it work? One simply removes their earphones, folds the cable in two, inserts the looped end into the Kool Tidy Earbud Carrier, touches the button on the housing and an internal hook smoothly reels in the cable, leaving only the ear buds exposed. The Kool Tidy Earbud Carrier can then be tucked safely into a pocket or handbag with no worries. Or, left sitting out on the desk as a cool design object and conversation piece.

“We’re a company with a mission,” Tomlinson states. “We make a difference to people’s lives by designing and making Kool products. But above all, we’re just people who think there’s a cooler way to do almost anything.”

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