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iSimple® Introduces the New CallCassette™ Plug-and-Play Car Kit

Clearwater, FL (November 6, 2015) – iSimple – maker of innovative technologies that allow people to connect their smartphone or tablet to their car stereo – introduced the CallCassette™ (ISMJ38) as part of its plug-and-play hands-free and streaming audio line. Designed as a technologically simple solution to a high-tech issue, the CallCassette offers hands-free calling and high quality music from the connected device via any cassette-equipped car stereo head unit and helps make driving safer by reducing distractions.

MSRP for the CallCassette is $19.95.

Features & Benefits

·         Connects to phone via headphone jack

·         Connects to car stereo via any OEM or aftermarket cassette player

·         Integrated multifunction button (Play/Pause, skip tracks, launch voice recognition app) 

·         Windproof microphone for hands-free calling

·         Access features without unlocking the phone

·         High quality audio playback from music library or streaming services 

The CallCassette is part of a growing line of plug-and-play automotive accessories for smartphones and tablets available from iSimple. According to Scott Rothstein, Senior Product Manager for iSimple, “The CallCassette was inspired by a visit to a classic car show. While showing another iSimple product, I was asked several times for a cool solution that lets them enjoy premium hands-free calling without having to replace the original radio. After all, for most people, a smartphone is more than a tool or a gadget, it’s a main feature in their lives.”

iSimple – a brand of AAMP of America™ – offers consumers a wide variety of options for staying connected to their favorite music while in their car, at home or on the go. The iSimple product line includes everything from in-car integration kits and FM modulators for smartphones, to docking stations, headphones, battery chargers and more. Connect with iSimple by visiting, follow us on Facebook or call us at 800-477-2267.

iSimple promotes the safe use of personal electronics while behind the wheel, and many iSimple products are designed with this purpose in mind. Please abide by all local and state regulations regarding the use of personal electronics while driving.

iSimple and CallCassette are trademarks or registered trademarks of AAMP of America. All other trademarks or registered trademarks mentioned in this release are the sole property of their respective owners.