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IntuitiveUSA Seeks Funding to Complete Industry’s Most Unique New Super-Thin Wall-Mount Solution for Smartphones, Tablets

Phoenix, AZ, April 7, 2015 – Intuitive, the leader in innovative audio-video mounting and organization solutions, today launched a new Indiegogo campaign to help deliver its new S-Mount docking and charging station for smartphones and tablets.

The company now has a live campaign with crowdsourcing website, which will allow investors and the public to fund these new products, and be the first to purchase them as they become available.

The S-Mount campaign on features videos on installation and usage, and other product benefits. Contributor benefits include an opportunity to purchase S-Mounts for the starting special price of $15, which is a 50% discount off the suggested retail price. Intuitive expects to announce additional benefits for crowdfunding investors in the weeks to come.

The super-thin mounting system acts as a wire organizer, charging station and display solution for every tablet on the market, turning wall spaces and unusual surfaces (including mirrors) into interactive display areas.

S-Mount is easily installed on kitchen walls and other home and office surfaces, providing the ability to instantly dock and view a handheld devices at any angle, to chare and use in a variety of new ways – including as a video game display for use with controllers. S-Mount has cosmetics that complement any décor, with rigid professional-grade construction that requires no cutting (non-powered version), and stands up extremely well to long-term high-frequency use.

The S-Mount employs four powerful Neodymium rare earth magnets to hold devices securely in place once connected. These magnets in no way damage or devices, or affect operation. The adapter plate is razor-thin (less than 1/32” thick), and secures easily to the rear of any device, fitting with any phone case. Professional-grade 3M double stick attaches the plate itself.

Three specialized S-Mount configurations are available, to match any installation and display scenario. The basic S-Mount (not powered) can be installed in as little as two minutes; the S-Mount+ (powered with low-volt

USB) requires a little more work takes only about twenty minutes to install; S-Mount Pro (for electricians and installers) connects a power module directly behind the S-mount in a high-volt electrical enclosure, with S-mount attached over top.

“Smartphones and tablets are the new TVs,” commented Intuitive CEO, Cary Christie, Jr. “People want the ability to mount these devices on walls, mirrors and other surfaces to view and interact with much as they would any other monitor. The S-Mount provides a simple, economical, elegant solution for doing that.”

For additional information on the S-Mount and the fundraising campaign, visit

About Intuitive:

Intuitive has designed, engineered and manufactured products for the custom installation channel for years.  Known for designing high quality cutting edge products, the S-Mount is no exception.  Available through Distributors and dealers worldwide.