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World4Solar SUN-POWERED ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING STATION - Green Mobility With Sustainable Clean Energy Production -

World4Solar is expanding its U.S. installer network for Solar Car Ports with built-in EV charging stations ideal for residential housing, retail parking lots, schools, medical facilities/hospitals, and public parking areas.

World4Solar provides a holistic, pre-assembled, pre-configured, easy-to-install, independent, and sustainable energy, source for all electric vehicles. Voltwing is a scalable, modular system for single parking spaces or multiple units in a row next to each other. World4Solar products are manufactured in the U.S.A.  Voltwing’s target market as well as the installation and configuration process cater to the CI installation channel.

“As the EV market sales grow, charging conveniences are at an all-time high for every touch point –work, retail, medical, schools, parking facilities and at home. CI integrators can now expand their offerings and reach even further, says Marc Hofer, CEO of World4Solar. “Our contemporary décor design fits in with all environments and its solar covered roof provides sun and rain protection for vehicles and their owners.

For installers, World4Solar provides full-service from planning, obtaining all necessary permits, laying the foundation, installing, setting up the unit, and maintenance. The approximate set-up time per Voltwing is 6 hours for the foundation and another 6 hours for installing and configuring the unit.

The Solar Car port systems can be connected to the local power grid to get compensated for generating energy or operate stand-alone with built-in battery packs to store solar energy to up to 25 kWh or up to 100 kWh with an external battery module. Two Level 2 chargers per unit work with all electric vehicles and add 25 miles average of range per hour of charging.

Built-in ambient lighting illuminates the parking space(s) triggered by proximity sensors, green and light LED lights indicate if the parking spot is available and serve as a parking guidance system.

Voltwing is a robust, durable construction with an average 20-year life span. The system comes with a 3-Year Warranty. The system qualifies for federal tax credit of up to 30% of the amount spent. State tax credits are available in several states.

To learn more about becoming a U.S. Installing dealer, please contact: [email protected] to begin offering the latest modern power conveniences for your client’s.  World4Solar helps shape our planet’s green future with sustainable clean energy.