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Indy Audio Labs partners with Elite 3 Pro to represent Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas

Indianapolis, IN – September 27, 2017 – Indy Audio Labs, owner of the high-performance audio brands Acurus and Aragon, and market leader in immersive home cinema processing and amplification announce Elite 3 Pro as its new manufacturer’s representative for Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas.  Elite 3 Pro, formerly Elite Marketing, is based out of Houston, Texas and is a multi-manufacturer representative firm specializing in premier audio, video, network and control brands for the residential electronics market.

Dale Pugh, President of Elite 3 Pro says, “Our team of professionals are excited about adding Indy Audio Labs to our portfolio of brand leaders. There are very few brands that exist in today’s market that can truly say that they’re engineered and built in the USA. All the while, designing these products to comply with the ever-changing technology landscape without compromising performance and reliability.”

Indy Audio Labs’ superior engineering manifests in the highly-rated Acurus and Aragon brands of immersive processors, pre-amplifiers, and amplifiers. IAL re-engineered the brands, combining the best attributes of the original Mondial products with new technologies, to elevate them to unparalleled value, performance, and durability. IAL recently launched the ACT 4 preamplifier which features HDMI 2.0b HDR support and is the only authentically USA-engineered and manufactured high-performance, multi-format immersive surround processor on the market.

According to Rick Santiago, Indy Audio Labs’ CEO, “Indy Audio Labs sales team is growing in exciting ways in the US market. Bringing aboard Elite 3 Pro, a top-tier rep firm, allows us to provide information, education, and local sales support to dealers and custom installers in this critical market.  We’re looking forward to working with Dale and his team to bring authentic American audio solutions to the heart of the southern US market.”


about Indy Audio Labs: Indy Audio Labs is an international leader in audio electronics design and manufacturing and is owner of the revered high-performance brands Aragon and Acurus. Indy Audio Labs’ headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana and sells its products in both the USA and internationally. 

Deirdre Moore,
Director of Marketing & Communications
phone: 317-504-4549
[email protected]