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First ‘Invisible’ Gesture Control Pad for the Smart Home Debuts to Consumers

SWIPE delivers frictionless control of your home, even from behind the wall, and is now available on Amazon and smart home retailers.

Chicago, IL – June 9, 2016 – FIBARO, a leading global manufacturer of wireless intelligent home automation and control devices, is now shipping the FIBARO SWIPE, a wireless gesture control pad that creates shortcuts for users to control the smart devices in their home with a simple wave of their hand. With a simple design and advanced technology, SWIPE can act as a picture frame on a tabletop surface or sit behind the wall and give you invisible smart home control.

First previewed at CES 2016, SWIPE recognizes six simple gestures– up, down, left, right, circle to the left, and circle to the right – along with more complex sequenceswhich can be assigned and used to control select smart home devices or other home technology such as door locks or alarm panels, TVs, music systems and more. With SWIPE, swiping down at bedtime could easily trigger a ‘Good Night’ scene that turns off the lights, lowers the blinds, locks the front door, and arms the alarm. Swiping left in the kitchen while cooking could turn on music, adjust the temperature on the thermostat, and turn the lights on in the dining room to prepare the home for a family meal.

“With the rise of voice control AI platforms like Siri, Amazon Echo, and the recently anounced Google Home, we know consumers also want faster, simpler ways to access their devices. We developed SWIPE to offer an entirely new way of interacting with technology in the home,” said Rich Bira, managing director of FIBARO USA. “Smart home consumers no longer have to worry about having their smartphone beside them at home to control their devices and ‘scenes’ — SWIPE will deliver a no-touch, frictionless access point to control them all.”

A variety of mounting options means SWIPE can work just about anywhere it is installed. Homeowners can choose to keep SWIPE in plain sight, but render it invisible to guests, by hanging it on a wall or placing it on a desk to use as a picture frame. Featuring advanced gesture control technology, SWIPE is capable of detecting a specific set of hand motions through a variety of materials such as countertops and drywall, or concealed behind wallpaper, artwork, or other home décor. Gestures and actions are confirmed by SWIPE via a built-in buzzer that signals response.

Available in elegant white (sleek black coming soon), the 5×7 sized frame is both lightweight and wireless, and can either be powered by four AA batteries or micro USB. SWIPE features advanced 3D Near-Field technology analysis further developed by FIBARO which removes the need to use native switches or buttons on the device itself.

The FIBARO SWIPE works with Z-Wave hubs, including SmartThings, Homeseer, Vera and VeraLite, and FIBARO’s own Home Center 2. Comptability with other hubs such as Nexia Home Intelligence and Universal Remote Control (URC) will follow.

It is on sale now from online retailers and distributors including and priced at $149.

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