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SAN FRANCISCO – Oct. 22, 2014 – “Zero Point,” the first 3D 360-degree documentary film to be released exclusively for Oculus Rift, will launch through Steam on Oct. 28, virtual reality studio Condition One announced today. Available to all current and future Oculus Rift developer kit owners for $11.99 (limited sale from Oct. 28 – Nov. 4), including developers, early adopters and enthusiasts, “Zero Point” immerses audiences into the world of virtual reality, creating a completely unparalleled engaging experience.

Created and directed by ACADEMY AWARD® nominated director (“Hell and Back Again” – Best Documentary Feature, 2012) Danfung Dennis, “Zero Point” is the first movie to be shown in 3D 360-degree video on Oculus Rift and features an entirely engaging experience to bring viewers into the future of virtual reality. The film profiles the pioneers of virtual reality, as well as the researchers and developers behind this entirely new digital dimension. Scenes feature video and audio – from a peaceful beach setting, the hectic halls of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and even intense military training within the confines of Camp Pendleton – in full 360 degrees around the viewer on the Oculus Rift. With “Zero Point” and Oculus Rift, viewers don’t look straight ahead at a traditional screen but all around and above them at scenes captured with a special custom VR-enabled camera.

“Zero Point” will be available exclusively on Oculus Rift development kits on Oct. 28. The film will be on sale for $11.99 from Oct. 28 – Nov. 4 to initial buyers. The regular price for “Zero Point” is $14.99. 

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Condition One is a visual technology startup pioneering powerful immersive experiences for next generation wearable displays. Condition One combines advanced 3D graphics, high-resolution video and experiential storytelling to create a fundamentally new form of visual communication to enable better understanding of the human experience.


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