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Crestron Introduces New Fully Tunable LED Light Fixtures to Support Improved Health and Wellness in the Home

Crestron today announces new LED Light Fixtures created to meet the design, intelligence, elegance, and customization that homeowners demand

Built to harness the intelligence of Crestron Home, the new Crestron LED Light Fixtures offer a fully tunable solution for optimized lighting control across the home

Rockleigh, New Jersey –February 22, 2022 – Crestron, the global leader in home automation, today announces new LED Light Fixtures created to meet the design, intelligence, elegance, and customization that homeowners demand. The new fully tunable light fixtures add real-time personalized lighting control into the Crestron Home™ operating system.

Through the Crestron Home platform, homeowners have full control of the color of their lights including hue, saturation, color temperature, and intensity of light, or they can opt to synchronize Crestron’s LED Light Fixtures with their natural circadian rhythm or utilize a Crestron Solar Sync™ sensor to match the natural light outside. The Solar Sync sensor is an outdoor sensor that communicates the outside color temperature to Crestron Home in real time.

“Lighting affects everything: mood, concentration, creativity and given the human need for health and wellness within our home, homeowners are looking to designers and technology providers for tunable LED lighting control to support this. Increased awareness of topics such as circadian rhythm, biophilia, and wellness are putting a focus on personal health as impacted by our surroundings. Crestron Home technology uniquely supports this market and can help professional designers and installers bring these coveted solutions to their customers,” said John Clancy, Executive Vice President, Residential, Crestron.

With Crestron Home, it’s incredibly easy for both homeowners and integrators to customize and make changes to lighting. Some examples of what you can do include:

  • Scene-based control – Set scenes for one-touch control and to suit an individual’s preferences – Scenes can specify white light, colors, or can trigger circadian or SolarSync cycles. “One-touch warm Dim” or “One-touch Wellness” allows users to have favorites to toggle between at any time.
  • Easy to use whole home settings can be used for lighting to run on a homeowner’s circadian rhythm, but this can be easily interrupted. For example, a Party scene could be selected to brighten lights, change colors during an event, and be easily de-selected back to the default after the event has ended. They can then switch to a dinner party scene turning off the circadian lighting but when switched back on, the setting syncs with where it should be, not with where it was turned off.
  • The new LED fixtures are also further customizable as a perfect addition to add focal points of light to any space in a home, such as a piece of treasured artwork, fireplace, nook, or kitchen island and that area will always have the optimal light temperature and color, regardless of other lighting in the home.

The modular design of the Crestron LED Light Fixtures makes them suitable for any room, giving unprecedented flexibility and control to complement every design or décor. Fixture options include adjustable, wall wash, fixed frame, pinhole fixtures, multiple enclosure possibilities, and square or round trims.

In tandem with the introduction of LED light fixtures, Crestron is also announcing the addition of 3rd party fixture manufacturers to their partner program. Select fixtures from these partners will have native Crestron Home integration and as a result can take advantage of Crestron Home’s industry-leading user experience for tunable lighting.

The LED market continues to see fragmentation and closed ecosystems that force designers and installers into proprietary solutions, limiting flexibility and choice, often forcing their customers to compromise on design or functionality. Crestron’s fixture partner program addresses this challenge by establishing enabled fixtures across a wide variety of brands to integrate seamlessly into the Crestron Home platform.

“With 3rd party light fixture manufacturers partnering with Crestron for our LED Partner Program, we’ll see a huge step forward in the architecture of intelligent and appealing LED light fixtures in addition to the numerous configurations available with the Crestron LED Light Fixture. Installers, designers, and homeowners will all be able to get what they want with flexible, reliable, and simple to deploy lighting solutions.” noted Clancy.

In a Crestron Home system, the Crestron LED Light Fixtures work in harmony with all Crestron shading options including the newly announced battery powered shades to provide homeowners the ability to manage all aspects of lighting throughout their home. Crestron will be offering a variety of training on the topic of lighting, those interested in seeing Crestron’s new LED Light Fixtures can see a demo at Crestron NEXT Road Trips. The fixtures are set to be available for the United States and Canada in Summer 2022.

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