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Control4 Debuts Triad Garden Array Outdoor Audio Solution

Transforming outdoor space into an enjoyable entertainment oasis starts with beautiful sound for the yard, patio, pool, and garden.

Salt Lake City, UT – May 10, 2017 – Control4Corporation (NASDAQ: CTRL), a leading global provider of smart home solutions, today announces the availability of the new Triad Garden Array outdoor speakers, a family of all-weather, landscape speakers that include best-in-class satellite speaker (GA4 SAT) and subwoofer (GA10 SUB) designed to be placed throughout flower beds or around the yard to blanket outdoor spaces with rich, beautiful audio.

Today, homeowners want the same entertainment experience for their outdoor living space that they’re accustomed to inside of the home. With Control4 and the new Triad Garden Array, homeowners can listen to and control their favorite game, toggle to their favorite playlist, and pump up the volume or quickly mute the audio, all from the backyard. The outdoor entertainment experience becomes as simple, seamless and rich as it is indoors.

Each of the GA4 SAT speakers includes a Triad-exclusive, 4.5-inch Ultra-Broad Dispersion (UBD) driver. This broad sound coverage is rare in today’s landscape speakers and increases flexibility in speaker placement and greatly improves the listening experience. Through a 150-degree field of coverage, the GA4 SAT delivers a more even sound, minimizing areas where the music is too soft or too loud as the listener moves between speakers.

“Traditional outdoor speakers are often mounted on the eaves of the house to direct music into the yard, patio, deck or pool,” said Paul Williams, VP of Product Management for Control4. “To fill the space with music you have to turn it up, making the music too loud for those near the speakers (and even for the neighbors). The Triad Garden Array speakers are designed to be spread throughout the yard and enjoyed without needing to crank them up.” 

Purposefully-built for the great outdoors, Garden Array speakers feature a durable all-weather exterior to withstand hot or cold, rain and snow, dry or humid conditions; the sealed enclosure resists dust, bugs, and critters. With a high-end, low-profile design, the GA4 SAT is shaped to resemble landscape lighting and blend into flower beds and gardens.

“The Garden Array was thoughtfully designed to complement discerning architectural landscapes without compromising sound quality,” said Williams. “Meeting the growing appetite for audio entertainment among homeowners, the Garden Array expands the Triad family from home theater, family room, and multi-room solutions to outdoor spaces with an innovative product family that brings the high-performance audio heritage of Triad throughout the property.” 

The Triad GA10 Subwoofer is engineered to produce full, dynamic bass that reaches deep, precise notes and can be installed freestanding or concealed underground.  The sub has been uniquely designed to be buried in the yard using Triad’s optional underground kit, which only shows its discrete, acoustically-ideal small mushroom port above ground, or it can be installed on a porch or deck as a free-standing, down-firing subwoofer using the optional foot kit. Powered by the Triad RackAmp 300 dedicated amplifier, the GA10’s high-performance 10-inch driver provides full, deep base exactly where you want it. 

Scalable, Flexible, and Wildly Simple

The Garden Array is scalable for every outdoor space. By including additional satellite speakers and subwoofers, a single system can size for a small patio or an estate garden. Incredibly versatile, the GA4 SAT can be staked into the lawn or garden, mounted on walls or trees, or installed on decks or eaves. Attached to the mounting post via a sophisticated spherical knuckle, the GA4 SAT can maintain a full range of motion for those less-than optimal, but real-world locations. The GA4 SAT comes with 18-inch mounting posts, ground stakes, and silicone wire nuts while a standard 3/4-inch conduit makes installation and maintenance simple and convenient with a variety of off-the-shelf landscape components. The GA4 SAT is compatible with 8ohm, 70-volt or 100-volt systems. 

Available Now

The Triad Garden Array series is available now in both the U.S. and internationally through Control4 and Triad dealers worldwide. The GA4 SAT is available for $300 US MSRP each. The GA4 SAT is also packaged as a set of 8 for easy ordering. The GA10 Sub is available for $1000 US MSRP each. The GA10 Sub Underground Kit is $300 US MSRP while the GA10 Sub Foot Kit is $40 US MSRP. The system comes with a 3-year warranty. 

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About Control4

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