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ClipCall Leverages AI to ‘Guarantee’ Success of Home Projects and Make Homeownership Easier

SUNNYVALE, Calif. ClipCall, providers of an AI-based mobile market network that matches homeowners with the right service professional and helps them throughout the transaction process, today announced its ClipCall market network is now widely available to residents in four major regions: New York City and the surrounding metropolitan area; the Los Angeles metropolitan area including Orange County; the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, and the state of New Jersey.

During its rollout in these regions over the past year, the ClipCall service has attracted tens of thousands of homeowners — with nearly half of its user base subscribing to its Prime Premium preventative maintenance service option.  ClipCall has also seen thousands of pre-screened, licensed service professionals join the market network as well. More than 90 percent of homeowners using the service noted a “very high” satisfaction with their project results, and more than 60 percent of project entries came from repeat users.

Unlike other home improvement solutions which act only as a referral service, ClipCall is an end-to-end transaction marketplace that establishes trust between the homeowner and service professional for complex tasks by leveraging self-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) tools. 

The service aggregates and analyzes roughly 40 signals, or data points, via proprietary algorithms which enables the network to ensure the likelihood of successful transactions.  Signals used to determine the quality of the contractor include whether price quotes are changed on-site, late arrivals or no shows, booking rates, in-app response times to users, high homeowner ratings for specific projects, etc. By profiling service professionals through their actions in a series of previous transactions, ClipCall generates a Pro Quality Score for internal evaluation of the professional before matching them with a homeowner.  Professionals who don’t achieve a minimal score are removed from the service. 

Available for free on iOS or Android devices, the ClipCall app finds the optimum professional for a specific project, provides a seamless workflow messaging network for both parties throughout the transaction process, and maintains a record of communications until the project is completed to avoid disputes and confusion.   ClipCall is the only company in the space to offer users a “Project Success Guarantee,” meaning payment is held in an escrow account until homeowners are completely satisfied with the project.

“ClipCall is unique in the space because we have digitized previously off-line communications between the homeowner and the home improvement professional,” said Daniel Shaked, founder and CEO of ClipCall. “This creates an abundance of data that can be analyzed through our proprietary AI algorithms to constantly enhance each new transaction and ensure high homeowner satisfaction with every project, all the way from initial price quote to our success guarantee and final payment.”

“When a homeowner makes a request, the platform analyzes previous transactions in their local community to select the right service professional based on a variety of data, including responsiveness, specific expertise, pricing and other behavioral indicators,” Shaked said. “Most other home improvement solutions simply refer service professionals – ClipCall is alone in using data and artificial intelligence to optimize the selection and transaction process.”

The ClipCall mobile app offers homeowners step-by-step instructions to create videos to effectively describe their project for service professionals.  The video is then offered anonymously to plumbers, electricians, painters and other contractors selected by the system who can then interact with the homeowner through the app via calls, videoconferencing, live chats or text messages.  ClipCall professionals can only offer flat-rate quotes for projects, not hourly rates, so homeowners can make a clear pricing decision.

The app eliminates the need for homeowners to rely upon dubious online reviews, scour the Internet or make numerous calls to hire a quality professional.  In addition, the homeowner only reveals their identity once they have agreed to hire a professional, avoiding direct contact with other service providers seeking the job.

For contractors, repair specialists, and other service professionals, ClipCall serves as a ‘quasi CRM’ system to help them better achieve high service standards and manage the sales process, secure quality leads regularly as well as save money and time by replacing initial house calls with the homeowner’s video descriptions. Because all interactions are recorded and logged for each project, both the professional and homeowner can enjoy a more transparent and convenient collaboration process.

The Prime Premium member subscription service costs $9.95 for maintenance inspections and discounts on repairs.   ClipCall receives a small percentage fee of the project cost from service professionals once transactions are completed to the homeowner’s satisfaction. 

About ClipCall

ClipCall is a real-time, hyper-local, end-to-end transaction market-network in the $500 billion home improvement and repair market that leverages artificial intelligence to optimize the often frustrating process of finding the right professional for complex home projects and achieving satisfactory results.  Based in Silicon Valley, the company was founded in December 2015 by CEO Daniel Shaked, a pioneer in the Local Search space who has spent thousands of hours talking and working with home improvement service professionals and their homeowner customers from all over the world.  ClipCall received initial funding from several investment sources, including Palo Alto-based accelerator UpWest Labs; Lool Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm in Israel; as well as AOL, a subsidiary of Verizon.