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Camera Gear from Cotton Carrier® – Great Holiday Gifts for Any Photographer

Photographers are always looking for a way to reduce the strain on their neck and shoulders that comes from traditional camera neck straps. Camera gear from Cotton Carrier® is engineered to eliminate neck and shoulder pain, while keeping the camera safe and secure – the ideal holiday gifts for professional and amateur photographers.

Just in time for the holidays, Cotton Carrier is introducing two new products designed for mirrorless and POV cameras.

StrapShot EV1

Cotton Carrier’s StrapShot EV1 is similar to the original StrapShot, newly designed to securely carry compact, mirrorless, four-thirds and full-sized DSLR cameras.

“The StrapShot EV1 is the evolution of our highly successful StrapShot,” said Brook Parker, chief operating officer of Cotton Carrier Ltd. “The EV1 is a revolutionary and innovative way to carry any camera. EV1 is thinner than the original StrapShot, and includes a redesigned tether and wrist strap that will act as a safety leash against accidental drops.”

Cotton Carrier’s patented locking system keeps cameras securely mounted. StrapShot EV1 includes a camera hub that attaches to your camera’s tripod mount on the base of the camera. The camera hub slides in and is securely mounted into the locking system, and releases once the camera is turned 90 degrees so you’re ready for the shot at any time. A loop on the back of StrapShot EV1 allows it to be attached to a pants belt for use with smaller cameras.

Cotton Carrier POV System

Cotton Carrier’s new POV system offers action camera photographers an exciting new way to capture all the action hands-free from any angle.

“Unlike other body mounted POV brackets, the Cotton Carrier POV system allows the camera to be turned and tilted in virtually any direction to capture anything you want,” Parker said. “You can shoot the terrain ahead of you in a POV shot, of course. But that’s just one option. You can turn it around and tilt it up to shoot a ‘selfie,’ spin it to the side and get your buddy skiing beside you. The possibilities are endless!”

Cotton Carrier’s POV system includes a POV Bracket with 360 degree rotation and a StrapShot EV1. The camera hub on the POV Bracket mounts into any Cotton Carrier product. The bracket is a solid piece of aluminum manufactured in North America.

Cotton Carrier Camera Vest™

Although not new, the original Cotton Carrier product is as strong as ever. There are two versions of the Camera Vest, for one or two cameras. The 2 Camera Vest includes a detachable Side Holster for a second camera, which can be removed and attached to a pants belt; perfect for travel where space is a premium.

Both models are safe and easy to use, and both feature Cotton Carrier’s secure hub mount. For comfort and durability the vest is made of 1680 Denier Polypropylene, and its one size fits all photographers. A fiberglass-reinforced camera tether, Hand Strap™ and universal tripod adapter plate are also included with the vest.

The POV bracket can be used with either Camera Vest model.

“Cotton Carrier is family owned and operated, and the majority of our parts are manufactured in North America, which allows us to achieve and maintain high standards of quality products and customer service,” Parker said. “And it gives us the confidence to offer photographers a lifetime warranty on all of our gear.”

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