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The Button by FIBARO Named a 2017 CES Innovations Smart Home Honoree

With a simple press, The Button activates a device or a sequence of devices, making it a “that was easy” button for your smart home.

New York City, NY – CES Unveiled – November 10, 2016 – FIBARO, a leading global manufacturer of wireless intelligent home automation and control devices, is now shipping The Button, a new wireless, battery-powered, Z-Wave Plus control device, in the US. A 2017 CES Innovations Award honoree, The Button, is a universal manual switch for connected devices and customized scenes that is perfect for the home or office. The Button will be displayed at CES Unveiled New York at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York from 3:00 – 7:30 pm tonight.

Less than 2-inches in size, The Button is one of the smallest and handiest home control devices of its kind. With its ergonomic design and wireless communications, The Button can be conveniently mounted on any surface in your home or office where an additional controller is needed. Adding The Button to your FIBARO system or compatible Z-Wave controller is almost as simple as using it. Simply place The Button within range of your Z-Wave controller, set the main controller to (security/non-security) add mode and click The Button several times. Once synchronized, The Button can control any connected device in your home ecosystem or IoT service such as IFTTT.

Recognizing up to six different actions, you can program The Button to turn off the lights with one click, activate the AC with two clicks, or trigger a customized scene by holding it down. “Scenes” are synchronized actions involving several devices, which can be customized and defined in your smart home hub. Mount it anywhere – on the wall, table top, in any room and easily active a scene, which could, for example, close the blinds, turn off electrical devices and set the alarm with one simple press. Or install The Button on your bedside table and program it for morning and night scenes – a simple press can close the blinds and turn off the lights for the night, or vice versa in the a.m.

The Button can also be used as an emergency alert device for children, seniors and people with health conditions or impairments. Just install The Button where it can be easily accessed, program it for panic mode, and with a simple click or hold it will trigger the emergency scene, sending mobile notifications to any device of your choice or loved ones.

The Button is available in eight different colors, allowing you to assign a button color for each member of the family or match it to your décor. The Button is now shipping in the US with a MSRP of $49/ea on

For more information on The Button or FIBARO, please visit or visit FIBARO at CES Unveiled at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC.