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Automotive Data: Agreement between Allant and IHS Automotive helps reach consumers looking to buy new cars

Allant’s superior data integration capabilities seamlessly bridge TV ad sellers with automotive TV ad buyers

CHICAGO (June 30, 2015) – Reaching consumers who are in the market for a new car just got easier. Allant, an advanced TV advertising leader, is announcing its new agreement with IHS Automotive, a third-party automotive market intelligence firm that tracks buying habits of vehicle owners nationwide.

How does it work? IHS Automotive Total Market Predictor® (TMP) insight is integrated into Allant’s Audience Interconnect® platform in order to identify where and when advertisers can best reach prospective auto buyers. TMP is an automotive information solution that uses highly accurate aggregated statistical models that help identify prospective customers based on what is likely parked in the garage, when a household is in the market for a new or used vehicle, and how much a household is likely to spend on its next vehicle purchase.

“Consumers want relevant ads. If you’re shopping for an SUV, you should see more of those ads,” says Dave Irwin, president of Allant. “Allant’s partnership with IHS helps automotive brands use the best information directly out of our tool, so brands can reach the best audience that is most likely to purchase.”

Allant works with the top cable, satellite and telecommunications providers, networks and ad agencies. Its Audience Interconnect software develops audience segments based on granular household data, including age, gender, income, past buying habits, geographic region and more. The networks distribute this aggregated data to ad agencies, so they can decide where to air ads that reach the most desirable audience across all video formats, including linear, VOD and online. In addition, Allant’s Audience Interconnect also provides post-campaign analysis to measure the number of ad impressions delivered.

Irwin adds, “it’s about making advertising more efficient and more relevant. Our agreement helps brands get the right ads to the right consumers at the right time. That’s how Allant improves the advertising process for everyone.”

What does this mean? “In short, it means a better bottom line for all involved,” says Eric Schmitt, Allant’s executive vice president of communications, TV and media. “Allant’s Audience Interconnect helps networks increase ad revenue, helps advertisers cut waste by placing ads more effectively in front of target audiences, and helps consumers stay informed about products that are relevant to their lifestyles.”

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