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Auro-3D announces 3 upcoming albums in cooperation with Sono Luminus

Brussels, Belgium, 11 August 2015 – Sono Luminus and Auro Technologies announce that 3 upcoming albums are recorded in Auro-3D® and will soon be released with an incredible Auro-3D® mix alongside traditional Stereo and 5.1 mixes. The Auro-3D® mix creates an exciting three-dimensional soundscape thanks to the addition of a Height layer above and around the listener. The immersive mix will be available on Pure Audio Blu-ray™, and will bring the unique richness of the albums to life.

The music was recorded in Auro-3D®, a listening format that delivers the most natural immersive sound experience today, capturing the true emotion of the three albums and bringing this alive via the Auro-3D® mix.

​Auro-3D® is an exciting move from two-dimensional surround sound formats to three-dimensional sound, achieved by adding the missing and final dimension in sound ‘height’ (in front of and all around the listener). Auro-3D® is the only sound system on the market that has both 5.1 Surround and Auro 9.1 in just one standard PCM delivery file with high resolution audio in each channel, making easy distribution on any system in the world possible.

 Sono Luminus will be releasing these three new albums in Auro-3D®, each of them as unique as the other.

Touch follows on Peter Gregson’s previous album Lights in the Sky and has a more refined palette of sounds according to Gregson. Peter Gregson is a tremendously talented cellist and composer who is described by The New Yorker as “working on the forefront of the new music scene”. Incredibly versatile, Peter has worked on many successful and innovative projects, such as recently scoring his first feature film, ‘A Little Chaos’, starring Kate Winslet and Matthias Schoenaerts. Having collaborated with many of the world’s leading technologists, an album that Peter describes as sort of defeating the purpose and joy of listening to music, was bound to be released in a leading sound format such as Auro-3D®.

Coming soon in Auro-3D® as well, In the Light of Air: ICE Performs Anna Thorvaldsdottír, is a tetralogy of works by Icelandic composer Anna Thorvaldsdottír, written for viola, cello, harp, piano, percussion & electronics. “In the Light of Air” was written for the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), which was described by the New York Times as “one of the most accomplished and adventurous groups in new music.” Whilst ICE is dedicated to reshaping the way music is created and experienced, Anna’s music is frequently performed internationally, and her works have been nominated and awarded on many occasions. All this in Auro-3D®, is bound to be a beautiful immersive result as Anna’s music tends to portray a flowing world of sounds with an enigmatic lyrical atmosphere.

Last but not least, the extraordinary album From Whence We Came will also get an immersive Auro-3D® mix when being released on Blu-Ray™. Founded in 1990, Ensemble Galilei is an ensemble of players from both classical and Celtic backgrounds, infusing ancient music with a spirit of improvisation and liveliness. Having performed and toured globally for almost 25 years, and been featured on multiple recordings and radio performances, an intricate blend of instruments grants listeners a passage to another world and bringing musical images of the Celts to life for today’s audiences, complimentary to what Auro-3D® does to any music around. With an album already unbelievably compelling as a work of art, Auro-3D® will surely elevate this musical experience.

Collin J. Rae, CEO with Sono Luminus, stated,

‘We are so excited about the creative possibilities we now have thanks to working with Auro-3D®’s immersive sound, that we truly want everyone to know about it. It is wonderful to be able to demonstrate the power of Auro-3D® and the immersive listening experience that comes with it. Together with Auro Technologies and Pure Audio, I feel we all have the common goal of helping the world hear this amazing sound experience.’

Wilfried Van Baelen, inventor of the Auro-3D® format and CEO of Auro Technologies, stated,

It is great to announce three more albums released with an immersive Auro-3D® mix on Pure Audio Blu-Ray™. These remarkable albums released by Sono Luminus, are a fantastic addition to the already existing slate of music titles in Auro-3D®. We are proud to bring these stunning performances to life in an even more realistic way thanks to the Auro-3D® immersive mix.

The Auro-3D® sound format is the next generation in audio, marking an exciting leap forward from standard Stereo and Surround sound that increases the dramatic impact of recorded musical performanes, to create a natural 3D listening experience. Thanks to its backwards compatibility, Auro-3D® mixes of film or music are released on standard Blu-ray™ discs, and the Auro-Matic® upmixing engine also allows existing collections of music and film soundtracks to be rendered in 3D sound.

The Auro-3D® format will soon be available in many other consumer applications, with mobile, automotive, and gaming versions all bringing a new immersive and true 3D sound to the market very soon.

The three albums will become available on Pure Audio Blu-Ray™ via Sono Luminus.

Both Touch by Peter Gregson and In the Light of Air: ICE Performs Anna Thorvaldsdottír will be released on August 28th. Ensemble Galilei’s From Whence We Came will become available as of September 25th.  These will be available via Naxos through all major physical retailers worldwide.