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Atlantic Technology Brings to Market the Gatecrasher3 PowerBar; the Industry’s First Triple Wireless, Dolby 3.0 Active Soundbar with Multi-Room Music Streaming and 13 Input Sources

With One HDMI ARC Cable to Gatecrasher3 its SKAA Artificial Intelligence Self Setup Makes Expansion, Installation and Daily Use of a Wireless 5.1 Surround Home Theater System Super Easy and Clutter-Free   Norwood, MA – March 8, 2021 – Atlantic Technology takes its sound bar prowess to a new level with the Gatecrasher3 PowerBar®. This […]

With One HDMI ARC Cable to Gatecrasher3 its SKAA Artificial Intelligence Self Setup Makes Expansion, Installation and Daily Use of a Wireless 5.1 Surround Home Theater System Super Easy and Clutter-Free  

Norwood, MA – March 8, 2021 – Atlantic Technology takes its sound bar prowess to a new level with the Gatecrasher3 PowerBar®. This innovative entertainment system is 3 products 1: a powerful active full-frequency Dolby® 3.0 LCR soundbar, a Streaming Music System and a Wireless Multiroom Audio System. It’s also the industry’s first triple wireless system with 3 advanced technologies for unmatched connectivity, quality and flexibility: SKAA®, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Add to this its extensive analog and digital inputs and outputs, and Gatecrasher3 is the centerpiece of an elegant, expandable modern entertainment system that can even be used in place of an AV Receiver. Gatecrasher3 is shipping now and carries an MSRP of $799.

A Sound Bar Expandable To A Wireless 5.1 Surround Home Theater
This high-performance active Dolby 3.0 sound bar can easily add deep bass by expanding to a 3.1 system with our FS Series SKAA wireless active subwoofers. Or, for a full 5.1 Dolby Surround Home Theater, add the optional FS Series SKAA wireless active surround speakers. Gatecrasher3’s automatic SKAA Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Self Setup means installing and using a high-quality wireless 5.1 Dolby Surround Home Theater has never been easier.

An Unlimited Streaming Music System
Unlike any sound bar today Gatecrasher3 has an astonishing 13 audio input sources. 6 are popular built-in Wi-Fi® streaming sources: Spotify®, Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, airable free internet radio and DLNA; 3 are advanced digital wireless sources: SKAA, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth® with aptX and AAC and 4 are wired digital and analog audio inputs: TOSLINK optical, S/PDIF coax, HDMI arc and stereo RCA.

Gatecrasher3 wirelessly plays music from any cloud, home music files or direct from personal home audio gear. The company’s Triple Wireless Technology allows for an UNLIMITED choice of music streaming services to cast wirelessly from devices to Gatecrasher3. And 6 affordable transmitters turn any analog or digital audio device into a SKAA source. Plus the wired digital and analog inputs lets users play HiRes music direct from external DAC’s, or legacy gear like optical discs, vinyl, tape machines etc.

Gatecrasher3 and Atlantic Technology’s optional SKAA surrounds and subs utilize SKAA Self Setup A.I. making a 5.1 package that’s fast and easy to setup

A Wireless Multi-Room Audio System
Gatecrasher3 is part of an unprecedented ecosystem of 11 outstanding multi-room audio options from Atlantic Technology. This includes Gatecrasher1 tabletop speakers, plus the brand’s range of 10, SKAA high-fidelity wireless products including active indoor and outdoor speakers, subwoofers, integrated amps, headphones and six transmitters. Additionally, with SKAA, users don’t need to open an app for multi-room use.

Gatecrasher3’s L/C/R array of six 2.5-inch composite polypropylene woofers and three 3/4-inch aluminum-dome tweeters are housed in a resonance-free extruded aluminum enclosure with a metal grille driven by 360 watts of on-board power for a satisfying sonic performance. Integrated multi-channel Dolby Audio® DSP processes Dolby Digital® and Dolby Pro-Logic® plus its virtual surround capability transforms 2, 3 or 5 channel sources into an immersive home theater experience without the use of additional speakers.

SKAA Wireless Technology and Gatecrasher3
Gatecrasher3 integrates SKAA wireless, an industry standard technology designed for superior home Hi-Fi, multi-channel and multi-room use. SKAA’s sound quality is clear with full-frequency and dynamic range comparable to wired systems. Perfect for movie and game use, SKAA’s  36 milliseconds (ms) fixed low-latency audio sync from source to receiver and sync between SKAA devices is even lower at 0.04ms, making SKAA up to 80 times better than other wireless tech with variable latency. SKAA eliminates lip-sync issues in TV or movies, ensures maximum game performance and audio in precise sync required for multi-channel and multi-room audio.

SKAA’s long range up to 150 feet and robust, interference-free performance is due to its patented “Walking Frequency Diversity” frequency hopping technology. Gatecrasher3 features SKAA Artificial Intelligence Self Setup to automatically detect and remember bonded SKAA devices for incredible ease of setup and use.

“Gatecrasher3 hits all the right notes,” says Paul Fredrickson, Business Development Director for Muto Communications – the PR and Business Development agency of record for Atlantic Technology. “It is elegant and modern and offers 3 ways to connect wirelessly (SKAA, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth). Add to this its cutting-edge conveniences like SKAA Artificial Intelligence and multiple streaming music and input capabilities, and Gatecrasher3 is a viable alternative to an AV receiver for an uncluttered home.”

Gatecrasher3 incorporates side mounted controls on its cabinet. Also included is a multi-function remote with volume +/-, track +/-, power, direct input selection, DSP mode selection, and channel level control. Clear 4-digit 11-segment multi-function LED’s are visible for five seconds through the perforated grill to which also aid in making its operation simple and easy.

The free Gatecrasher3 app for iOS and Android makes set-up and control of audio playback and streaming services easy and is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Plus a free optional “SKAA cmd” App for iOS, Android, Mac and PC is at to make multi-room SKAA operation such as group control easy when using separate SKAA transmitters.

Gatecrasher3 measures 50.5” W x 4.4” H x 3” D making it the ideal complement to nearly any size TV and can be mounted on the wall with its mounting hardware (included). Also new from Atlantic Technology is the FS-WSLR1 active wireless SKAA speakers which are ideal as rear channels for Gatecrasher3. They are cosmetically and acoustically matched and can also be wall mounted with their included hardware. Atlantic Technology’s two FS-Series compact slim active subwoofer options, round out the system for a 5.1 wireless home theater package.

Atlantic Technology’s upcoming FS-BTWS582 wireless headphones use SKAA A.I. to automatically connect and mute Gatecrasher3 for private lip-sync-free TV, movies or gaming. Plus up to four users can simultaneously listen to TV, movies and games in perfect sync, something no other system can offer.

Atlantic Technology also offers a range of affordable plug-and-play SKAA transmitters that turn any analog or digital audio source component into a SKAA transmitter. Transmitters are available for USB-A, USB-C, Mini-USB, Lightning, digital TOSLINK and S/PDIF or stereo analog audio devices.

Specifications   Gatecrasher3 PowerBar
Channels   Three LCR, MTM sub-systems for 2/3/5 virtual channels
Indicators   4 digit, 11 Segment multi-function Alphanumeric LEDs and multi-color mode LED
Controls   5 side mounted buttons – volume +/-, SKAA bond,  power, input selection, 12 function IR remote, Free Android & iOS apps
Amplifier Capability   360 watts total, 3 channels x 120 watts with DSP crossover
Surround DSP   Dolby Digital, Pro Logic + selectable virtual surround modes
DSP Enhancement   Selectable DSP Sound Modes; TV, Movie, Music, Standard
Digital Inputs   SKAA wireless
  Bluetooth 4.0 with AAC and aptX™ wireless
  Dual-Band Wi-Fi (2.4/5 GHz) 802.11 ac with DLNA
  1 x TOSLINK optical (PCM, or Dolby Digital Bit streams)
  1 x S/PDIF coaxial (PCM or Dolby Digital Bit streams)
  1 x HDMI with ARC and CEC
Analog Inputs   1 x stereo RCA L/R
Outputs   Digital, SKAA wireless transmits simultaneously to 4 SKAA devices
  Analog, 1x rear-mounted mono RCA subwoofer output
Drivers   Woofers: (6) 2.5-inch CPP (Composite Polypropylene)
  Tweeter: (3) .75-inch aluminum-dome
SKAA Audio   48 kHz x 16 bit stereo, 20Hz-20 kHz, up to 150 ft range
SKAA Latency   Source to receiver: 36 ms, fixed. Inter-unit: 0.04 ms fixed
SKAA Response   20 Hz-20 kHz +/- 3 db
Speaker Response   80 Hz-20 kHz +/- 2 db
Power   90-240VAC / 50-60 Hz, 19 VDC 3.3A AC adapter
Dimensions   50.5” W x 4.4” H x 3” D (1283mm x 112mm x 762mm)
Weight (unboxed)   16.8 lbs., 7.62 kg
Included Accessories   Multi-Function Remote, Wall-Mount Brackets, Power Supply, HDMI Cable, RCA Stereo Analog Cable, Digital Optical Cable, Free Download Gatecrasher App
Optional Accessories   SKAA Transmitters – USB-A, micro-USB, USB-C, iOS Lightning, TOSLINK, S/PDIF, 2 channel analog audio.

For all Atlantic Technology press inquiries contact Muto Communications. Paul Muto phone: 631.849.4301, email: Paul Fredrickson phone: 781.308.2312, email:

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