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Acurus Home Theatre Processors and Amplifiers Join The Cinema Designer Database

Indianapolis, IN – August 7, 2018 – Indy Audio Labs brand, Acurus, has announced that it has joined home theatre design software, The Cinema Designer’s (TCD) manufacturer database. Effective immediately, integrators and dealers using TCD can begin designing everything from small media rooms, right up to high render channel count immersive audio home theatres using Acurus’ prestigious range of home theatre processors and amplifiers.

Included within TCD’s broad manufacturer database is Acurus’ ACT-4 20-channel immersive audio processor, which was designed to act as the headquarters of a modern 4K, high-channel count home theatre, boasting support for fully decoding and up-mixing to the largest speaker layouts. Also included is the A2007 seven-channel, all-in-one amplification solution for a high-performance, modern, immersive home cinema system, the five-channel A2005 and the two-channel A2002 home theatre amplifiers.

“The Cinema Designer is the most powerful cinema design tool available,” said Ted Moore, Co-founder and CTO, Indy Audio Labs. “The Cinema Designer brings a new level of efficiency, acoustic parametric design, professionalism and awareness to the entire personalised cinema design process for the premium customer. It really does remove the pain for both the integrator and the end consumer and replaces it with relevant technology that is fast and very cool to use.”

Crucially, using TCD will allow integrators and dealers to confidently design technically perfect immersive audio Acurus home theatres in a matter of minutes, eliminating the guesswork when it comes to placing all the required loudspeakers accurately in a room in a way that is relative to the listening area. Using TCD is the only way home technology professionals can accurately design technically perfect high render channel count immersive audio home theatres in such a short space of time.

Creating 3D CAD drawings, 3D renders and working out the mathematics associated with technically correct cinema and media room designs can take days, if not weeks depending on the ability of the integrator. What TCD does is bring the entire cinema design process into one place – automatically updating calculations and ideal equipment placement as the integrator makes changes, in real-time.

TCD calculates and produces in minutes what would take an experienced cinema designer weeks to complete, quickly specifying the precise location of all cinema and media room equipment, while eliminating equipment combinations that won’t work.

TCD can be used anywhere in the world, allowing home cinema professionals to design any dedicated cinema or media room in minutes using products from the best manufacturers the residential theatre industry has to offer.

TCD creates peer-reviewed standard cinema designs and full documentation, allowing users to produce technically impeccable dedicated theatre and media room designs with predictable results, 3D renders accurately reflecting the finished room, in addition to producing a 3D CAD drawing of any room in under 30 seconds.

TCD integrates with D-Tools’ SI 2017 software, offering installers and dealers a powerful all-in-one cinema room design tool that allows users to export a TCD design into D-Tools via a CSV file, calculate local area pricing, TAX, required labour and associated costs, in addition to importing TCD’s 3D CAD drawings into Visio.


about The Cinema Designer: The Cinema Designer (TCD) is a double CEDIA Award-winning cloud-based, interactive, standards-driven online tool that calculates in minutes what would typically take an experienced cinema designer weeks to design, producing a complete 40+ page cinema design proposal including audio and video calibration reports, 3D renders accurately reflecting the finished room, and 3D CAD drawings of the room. TCD brings the entire cinema design process into one place: the user enters in the dimensions of the room and then works methodically through the entire cinema design. TCD specifies the precise location of the loudspeakers, screen, seating, projector, provides amplification and processor requirements, calculates the RT60 value, and much more. Using TCD is the only way home technology professionals can accurately design technically perfect high render channel count immersive audio home theatres in such a short space of time. The software is available to users all over the world, producing documentation that meets the minimum standard required to enter the CEDIA Awards in its cinema and media room design categories.

For more information about The Cinema Designer’s subscription options and to create an account, visit the website at For TCD software updates and news, follow TCD on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

The Cinema Designer contact: Guy Singleton

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about Indy Audio Labs: Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN (USA), Indy Audio Labs is an international leader in audio electronics design and manufacturing and is owner of the revered high-performance brands Aragon and Acurus. Indy Audio Labs manufactures all its audio components in the USA using custom fabricated parts and assemblies based on its proprietary electronics, mechanical, and software designs.

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