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Acurus Processor Family in Cinema Partners Booth at CEDIA Expo 2018

Indianapolis, IN – August 30, 2018 – Indy Audio Labs announces that its Acurus immersive processor family is at the heart of Cinema Partners CEDIA Expo 2018 demonstrations. Cinema Partners brings outstanding products from dARTs Theater, Display Technologies Screens, and Ineva Seating together to provide a breathtaking home cinema package. Cinema Partners will make its North American debut at CEDIA Expo 2018.

Visitors to the Cinema Partners, booth #3615, will experience immersive audio through a custom short-throw 7.2.4 demo home cinema based around the Barco Prometheus projector, the Acurus ACT 4 immersive processor, Cinema Partners dARTs speakers, a Display Technologies Screen and Ineva Seating. Outside the cinema demo attendees may view a 2.0 demo showing off dARTS new speakers and the amazing new Acurus Muse immersive media room processor.

Indy Audio Labs Co-Founder and CTO Ted Moore says, “Cinema Partners and Acurus have a longstanding relationship which is incredibly productive. We know that any theater project supported by Cinema Partners is one that will result in an astonishing level of sound, immersive quality and just an overall fantastic experience for the customer. The Cinema Partners CEDIA Expo 2018 booth has set the standard for the future of premium home cinema. The Acurus ACT4 and the new Acurus Muse immersive processors blend extremely well into the Cinema Partners’ vision to bring an outstanding immersive experience to the market.”

Moore continues, “Barco is providing the projector technology for the cinema demo and we are excited to work with them. The ACT 4 is a fantastic processor compliment to the Barco and we can’t wait to see the Prometheus in action. Also contributing to this amazing set-up is an AES-2H DCI connector from Arvus Group.”

Andy Lopez, Director of International Sales at MSE Audio, says, “dARTs is very proud to have a great working relationship with Acurus and in particular to have the ACT 4 part of our demo at CEDIA 2018. Over the past couple of years, the ACT 4 has never disappointed us in all our demos in the US and overseas. Not only is it one of the most reliable products we work with but it is by far the most user friendly.”

At the Acurus/Aragon/IAL booth, #3251, visitors will be able to see and learn about the Acurus ACT 4 16-channel and 20-channel processor, the Muse multi-purpose media room immersive processor, the M8 8-channel companion amplifier, ASPEQT room-correction kit, Scorpion multi-zone amplifier, Aries 2.1 integrated amplifier, and the Aragon 8008 200W monoblock amplifier.


About Indy Audio Labs: Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN (USA), Indy Audio Labs is an international leader in audio electronics design and manufacturing and is owner of the revered high-performance brands Aragon and Acurus. Indy Audio Labs manufactures all its audio components in the USA using custom fabricated parts and assemblies based on its proprietary electronics, mechanical, and software designs.

About dARTS Theater: dARTS Theater (Digital Audio Reference Theater System), a sub-brand of MSE Audio, is an all-digital system that includes an intelligent amplifier that precisely calibrates the speakers’ performance. dARTS Theater is an industry-leading, high-quality reproduction of cinema audio but designed for residential markets at a residential price-point. dARTS Theater is the most precise and predictable speaker on the market today. Each speaker driver in the system is custom-tuned to match within 0.5dB of each other and every dARTS system is calibrated and aligned to a reference performance level. For more information, please visit

About Cinema Partners: Cinema Partners was created to deliver an incredible home cinema package combining dARTS’ renowned home cinema speaker, Display Technologies’ projection screens and unique projector mounting accessories, and Ineva Design’s high-end cinema seating and custom seating solutions. Originally formed in Europe, Cinema Partners will make its North American debut at CEDIA 2018 to provide dealers with an incredible home theater experience for their customers. dARTS will feature friends of Cinema Partners, Acurus and Barco, at their CEDIA sound room in a custom short-throw demo with the new dARTS speakers, a Display Technologies screen and Ineva Seating.

About Arvus Group International: With origins dating back to 1983, New Zealand based Arvus Group evolved out of the multidisciplinary interests of Matthew and Julie Simmons. Over the past three decades the business has designed, manufactured and invented solutions in the fields of audio, geothermal and nuclear energy, digital cinema, digital signal processing, optics, acoustics, agriculture, game and film post production, theme parks, transportation, and medicine. The Arvus Group network of resources and clients now spans the globe in over 35 countries.