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Wynit Sends In The Drones

North Syracuse, N.Y. — Wynit Distribution announced a new distribution agreement with drone manufacturer 3D Robotics (3DR).

Under the agreement, Wynit will offer 3D Robotics’ product catalog to authorized resellers in the United States.

3DR’s drones feature automated tablet-based mission planning, enabling consumers to fly with a controller or draw the path they want the drone to take. The company noted that its free and open-source software has been adopted by companies around the world, providing data analysis, mapping, surveying and 3D modeling.

 Said Geoff Norman, Wynit business development specialist: “3DR products like the Iris+ are ideal for capturing high-quality aerial imagery — right out of the box they are extremely easy to use. Our resellers are very excited about the advanced capabilities that 3DR’s technology provides, such as the 3PV Follow Me feature that enables people to be their own one-man aerial film crew.”