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Walmart ‘Reboots’ CE Department

Rogers, Ark. – Walmart has begun a reset of its entertainment departments to allot greater space to growth categories and improve product adjacencies.

The so-called CE “reboot” seeks to revive soft category sales by accentuating wearables, gaming, pre-paid mobile and tablets, and by placing complementary products in closer proximity.

“What you’ll see is a new set in our stores which better adjusts our space-to-sales ratio to make sure we’re leaning in where the growth is,” said executive VP and general manager Steve Bratspies. “Connected businesses like wireless and tablets are going to have a more dominant presentation than they have in the past.”

The remodel will also promote “natural adjacencies,” he told TWICE, like the fortuitous placement of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones near an iPhone display, and “bigger brand presentations,” such as an interactive Samsung endcap featuring a 60-inch LED TV and soundbar.

“You’re going to see the hottest brands out there in a much more prevalent location in Walmart to make sure the customer knows what we have,” Bratspies said.

Other new elements include an illuminated wearables display, which is being tested in select stores; extended prepaid and tablet aisles; and gaming cases topped with an array of 55-inch panels displaying branded messaging.

Walmart highlighted the changes during store tours and briefings with senior management here this week in the lead-up to today’s annual shareholders meeting.