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Ladorian Announces Strategic Partnership With inReality

Offers intelligent, Personalized, Data-Driven Content at POS for the US Market

Ladorian, a software solution specializing in personalized data-driven messages in physical spaces, has announced a strategic partnership with inReality, a venue analytics software platform. Leading the ‘in-store data revolution’ in six countries, Ladorian launched in the United States to offer a Smart Responsive CMS with Recommendation Engine that generates personalized, AI-driven communications at the Point of Sale.

“Retail stores have not yet been able to offer the same real-time targeted content that has become de facto with online platforms. We help our customers bridge the gap by reinventing shopper data at the POS so that they can serve up the same intelligent digital communications in their stores,” said Rafael Cifuentes, CEO of Ladorian’s US affiliate, Digital Signage Revolution, a Florida corporation, dba as Ladorian USA. “The fact is in-store sales still accounted for a large percentage of retail sales, and shoppers want a consistent level of relevance and personalization across all channels. We enable this, and by doing so we help customers achieve similar conversion rates to those that ecomm has come to rely on as a result of data-driven messaging.”

Ladorian uses connected data points and data intelligence to create a smart communication channel with users at the points of sale, delivering personalized messages that offer the best products to meet their needs. The messaging generated integrates (and reacts to) external factors like weather, demographics and events with internal ones such as inventory, sales, mobile ERPs, profiles and shopper patterns to serve up the ideal message for the viewer, location and in-store ‘moment’. The impact, proven already in six countries with marquis global brands, has resulted in a sales increase of up to an average +30% of featured products.

inReality, a seasoned venue analytics software platform, fuels smart store solutions with simplified, reliable behavioral data built for scale. With over a decade of global experience, it utilizes camera vision to harness traffic, dwell, impressions and engagement at specific points of interest, as well as age, gender and mood. Its AI algorithms then correlate the data into one simple platform for reporting, exporting, predicting or enabling dynamic content, an ideal fit for Ladorian’s responsive, optimized messaging capabilities.

“This strategic partnership is perfectly suited for our data analytics platform,” said inReality’s CEO, Ron Levac. “We’ve always been bullish about bringing the type of data enablement used online into physical venues, and we’ve spent years simplifying the cost and complexity of gathering it from store sensors at scale. The latent opportunity has always been to use it for dynamic, personalized content versus analyzing it after the fact with manual optimization strategies. We’re delighted to partner with Ladorian, as they can truly realize the potential of online personalized messaging in stores—and they’ve already proved it on the global stage with some of the world’s most notable marketers.”

“While inReality seeks to report data, Ladorian puts it to work,” said Ladorian’s CEO and Founder Alejandro Gutiérrez-Bolívar. “Ladorian was born to reinvent the use of data at the point of sale, becoming the technological ally of those companies which share our vision that leadership in the new era of retail needs intelligent digital communication in their establishments. Now more than ever, it has become evident that the world is not 100% online, nor is it 100% offline. We want to help our customers achieve the same success that data use has given e-commerce. We want to offer shoppers a new, rewarding personalized experience by harnessing the technological revolution in physical space communications, taking advantage of the fact that the great majority of the sales volume is still produced in brick-and-mortar stores to revolutionize communication in physical spaces.”

Ladorian iDS CMS SMART DATA, goes a step beyond with its ability to integrate all in-store communication channels from one platform—monitors, shelf screens, kiosks, cameras, music, digital price tags, apps and even the store’s CRM. In addition to ensuring message customization at each touchpoint, it offers the ability to turn screens into smart digital sales assistants and, when tied with inReality, trigger sensory cues such as light and audio. This creates both easier operational oversight of all in-store digital apertures, but also a more holistic view of the integrated impact and higher results. It also creates the ability to generate measurement patterns that establish PRIME TIME algorithms for each product, helping customers maximize the value of their store media when used as an advertising revenue stream from brand partners. Advertisers can also access anonymized reports on audience, visitor attributes and verified traffic and behavioral responses, data easily exported via API for programmatic and internal BI platforms.

“Ultimately, what we are offering is a proprietary solution for one of the longstanding retail aspirations of right message, right person, right place and right moment,” added Gutiérrez-Bolívar. “Post-COVID, as retailers have to do more with fewer resources and shoppers are coming into stores more digitally-expectant than ever, there’s never been a better time to bring the promise of smart, responsive content to the brick and mortar.”

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