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Blancco Certifies Devices Sold Through eBay Refurbished

Partnership maximizes trust in the secondary market for mobile devices, desktops, and laptops, increasing eBay Refurbished seller confidence

Blancco Technology Group has announced a partnership with eBay to benefit resellers that offer refurbished devices through the eBay Refurbished program by helping to validate the sale of refurbished devices in line with eBay’s grading criteria.

Devices that are to be sold through eBay Refurbished undergo an extensive inspection, testing and erasure process. Blancco’s diagnostics and erasure certifications now integrate eBay grading criteria for the eBay Refurbished program. The move will serve to validate the grading of mobile devices, desktops and laptops sold on eBay’s U.S. website.

Mobile device processors and IT resellers involved in eBay’s Refurbished program can now leverage Blancco’s diagnostics-enabled erasure certifications to precisely grade devices according to cosmetic condition and functionality. This provides resellers with assurances that each device has been thoroughly evaluated and accurately represented with Blancco’s certification.

Blancco’s diagnostics capabilities align with eBay’s device condition reports and grading scale of: Excellent, Very Good, and Good. This helps device processors and resellers communicate clearly and consistently that the device will arrive in the condition that it was advertised. Blancco’s solutions are cloud based, allowing mobile processors and IT resellers to manage device data easily from anywhere. Additionally, these partnerships help sellers achieve higher end-user satisfaction due to improved consistency in meeting with the required grading criteria.

Blancco and eBay share a vision for how device refurbishment can promote greater involvement in the circular economy. Through this partnership, Blancco simplifies the process for sellers to engage with the secondary device market, which can help to address supply chain issues in the manufacture of new devices and reduce growing e-waste from discarded consumer electronics.

“Our partnership with eBay demonstrates our commitment to work alongside market-leading companies that drive the circular economy,” said Blancco’s President of Global Sales, Marketing, and Field Operations, Jon Mellon. “True to its history, eBay continues to pioneer in this space, fostering a robust arena in which mobile processors and ITADs can build their businesses and expand their reach while protecting consumers. Blancco integrates seamlessly into this world. We look forward to increasing eBay sellers’ ability to provide affordable, reliable, easy-to-purchase devices on the one hand, while upholding personal data privacy and device transparency on the other.”


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