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Nationwide Enhances MemberNet TV Platform

The Nationwide Marketing Group has added new features to its MemberNet TV service, which provides dealers with movie trailers, demo clips, digital signage and marketing messages for in-store display.

The platform, developed and executed by Nationwide’s PrimeMedia studios in Atlanta, was upgraded in March — along with the studio’s production facilities — to offer those marketing assets in 4K Ultra HD.

Explained Doug Wrede, who leads CE merchandising for the $15 billion independent dealer group: “Our CE-focused members obviously had a need for UHD content in order to demonstrate the full capabilities of today’s most advanced TVs, but we’ve seen implementation and use in every other category as well.”

He added, “The ability to stand out in the marketplace has never been more important, and the stunning clarity of UHD video in the appliance, furniture and even bedding departments creates a show-stopping moment for consumers.” (See video, below.)

Content is received by dealers over the Web and stored on special fourth-generation Ultra HD players. Given the large amount of bandwidth required to transmit the 4K material, the players are updated overnight so as not to disrupt daytime store operations, noted PrimeMedia’s Chris Bryant.

In addition to the 4K upgrade, Nationwide has introduced MemberNet TV Max, which allows dealers to create multiscreen displays within their showrooms. Displays can be stacked and content distributed to create a single, massive multiscreen picture, or members can route the same images to each display concurrently.

The group is also offering MemberNet TV Micro, which employs a custom-built kiosk display and a dedicated tablet to allow for item-by-item deployment on the sales floor.

Nationwide said its on-demand video technologies, first introduced in 2013, allow frontline sales teams to enhance their presentations and provide immersive shopping experiences for customers.

Each of the MemberNet enhancements will be featured at Nationwide’s biannual PrimeTime convention and buy show, which will be held Aug. 20-23 at the Venetian/Palazzo/Sands complex in Las Vegas. For more information or to register, visit