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Distributors Biding Time On Windows 10 Release

NEW YORK – A dearth of details on this summer’s expected Windows 10 rollout is adding a wrinkle to the IT industry’s back-to-school plans.

In lieu of a solid launch schedule for the sweeping OS update, which will likely come in waves, D&H Distributing, for one, is advising customers and their end users to future-proof their purchases with upgradable devices.

“Right now, we are focusing on hardware that is upgradable to Microsoft Windows 10, so users can take advantage of the new operating system once it is launched,” noted Larry Staub, director of D&H’s education division. “In that regard, Windows 10 might not present an all-at-once refresh opportunity at first, but will be an event that persists over time as people upgrade their Win 10-ready equipment.”

But even absent a launch date, New Age Electronics president Fred Towns believes anticipation of the Windows 10 release “will create a buzz at retail during back-to-school and set the stage for manufacturers to show off their products and how they tie into the new ecosystem.

“Consumers will want to understand the benefits of Windows 10 and how it can enhance their experience and make interfacing with technology easier,” Towns said.