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Danby To Dealers: hhgregg’s Pain Is Independents’ Gain

Don’t get Jim Estill wrong.

The CEO of compact appliance resource Danby finds no joy in hhgregg’s dissolution. But that’s not to say you should look a gift horse in the mouth either.

Just as others have implored (see Nationwide Siphoning hhgregg Shoppers), Estill argues that the company’s pain can be independent dealers’ gain — if they step up and take advantage of this billion-dollar opportunity.

To help guide them through the art of the share grab, the majap vendor has compiled a white paper called “How To Profit From the Failure of hhgregg,” which contains a checklist of common-sense suggestions. Among them:

* honor hhgregg receipts and promotions;

* hire from hhgregg’s incredibly rich, and available, talent pool;

* generate traffic with roadside displays, wine-and-cheese events, and in-store contests and exclusives;

* make sure your display models are looking their best; and

* engage your customers through social media.

“hhgregg customers still have to shop somewhere,” Estill said. “This is a time of great opportunity [and] those who have a plan and focus will benefit even more.”

Founded in 1947, Danby is a leading manufacturer and distributor of microwave ovens, ACs, dehumidifiers, and compact refrigerators and freezers.

To obtain a copy of the white paper and/or a companion guide on 11 job-securing strategies for hhgregg’s out-of-work employees, contact Estill’s assistant Cherie Bauman at [email protected].