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CompUSA’s Orlando Prototypes Provide Peek At Chain’s Future

In an effort to catch the convergence wave, CompUSA is expanding its A/V assortment with more brands and models, and is rolling out a new store format to house them. The new design features a significantly larger A/V area, taken from under-utilized backroom space. About 100 of CompUSA’s 240 stores will be converted to the new format this year.

The first two retrofits, unveiled here and in nearby Altamonte Springs, Fla., last month, feature home entertainment sections that were expanded from about 800 square feet to upwards of 3,200 square feet, and an extended offering of premium products by such brands as Bose Lifestyle, Klipsch, LG, Mitsubishi, Niles, Pioneer, Rockustics and Samsung.

Here’s a look at the prototypes, which provide a preview of things to come at CompUSA.