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Nationwide Partners With Dacor, Expands Luxury Offerings To Members

Dacor brings 70 years of appliance experience to Nationwide’s growing portfolio of luxury appliance brands

(image credit: Dacor)

Less than a month after departing PrimeTime in Phoenix, Nationwide Marketing Group has added another name to its expanding portfolio of luxury appliance manufacturers. Nationwide has partnered with Dacor, a storied brand with roots in the independent retail industry, to bring its innovative product line to Nationwide’s network of luxury appliance dealers.

“We couldn’t be happier to add Dacor’s passion and experience in the luxury appliance market to the mix for our members,” says John O’Halloran, senior merchant for luxury appliances at Nationwide. “Dacor’s products tap into the growing trend of technology in the kitchen, but they do so in a way that’s elegant and design-first. The brand fits perfectly alongside our other luxury partnerships, and I’m excited to activate them within our channel.”

The Dacor story started in 1948, when a young entrepreneur, Stanley Joseph, opened the doors to a specialty appliance store that focused its marketing efforts around the first electric refrigerators. Fast forward more than 74 years, and Dacor – under the Samsung umbrella – is maintaining its place as a forward-thinking luxury appliance maker that’s not afraid to push the innovative limits of the category.

(image credit: Nationwide Marketing Group)

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Nationwide,” says Matt Evans, Vice President of Sales for Samsung. “Dacor has been delivering innovative products to the luxury home appliance market for more than 70 years. We share the same vision of the future within the luxury segment and both companies will be able to achieve significant synergies. Our partnership will provide an entirely new avenue to help achieve common goals within the independent channel.”

As the group enters the second year of its luxury appliance initiative, Nationwide and Dacor are working together to activate Nationwide’s four-pillared approach to the luxury business. The brands will help luxury appliance retailers create a cohesive customer experience by providing web and digital platform tools, support in creating an exceptional in-store experience, educational opportunities for team members and access to customer shopping insights.

“Coming out of Phoenix, where Dacor did have a small presence, we’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from the dealers who paid them a visit,” O’Halloran says. “And we’re hard at work, putting our heads together with the Dacor team as we explore ways to further support our luxury dealers. Already the go-to experts in their local markets, this partnership is just one more step in their luxury strategy that will help them capture an increasing share of the business in their communities.”

For more information on Nationwide’s luxury appliance initiative, contact John O’Halloran at [email protected].

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