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Nationwide Marketing Group Members Pack 1 Million Meals to Feed Hungry Children

International giveback effort by independent retailers supports No Child Hungry programs across the United States, Haiti and the Bahamas

Meals packaged by Nationwide members are distributed locally in the US, and to people in need in the Bahamas and Haiti.

Members of Nationwide Marketing Group celebrated a historic milestone in November, packing the 1,000,000th meal as part of the organization’s international give-back initiative with No Child Hungry.

“When we first partnered with No Child Hungry to pack meals at our biannual PrimeTime business conference in 2018, I knew that we were creating something incredibly powerful,” said Tom Hickman, Nationwide’s president and chief member advocate in a statement. “But never at that time did I imagine that we would, as a group, pack 1 million meals in less than two years. However, thanks to our members, we have done just that. Their generosity knows no bounds.”

Studies show that independent retailers donate to community causes at more than twice the rate of national chains, and Nationwide’s partnership with No Child Hungry strives to end child hunger around the corner and around the world. Since its inception in 2008, the Nationwide community has packed meals at various events around the country, along with delivering a portion of those packed meals within the local host cities and the rest to children and their families in Haiti and the Bahamas.

NMG members have packaged more than 1 million meals for those in need.

“Hunger affects families and children in nearly every community in the United States. But we all know this should not be. We have more than enough food and resources to keep this from happening,” said William Lowry, president of No Child Hungry when asked about working with Nationwide members. “Nationwide Marketing Group and its members have taken a direct approach to fighting hunger, and the results are amazing. Not just for the scale of the effort or the number of meals packed, but because it represents kids fed. And it’s all about the kids!”

No Child Hungry is the feeding program of My Neighbor’s Children and is able to pack specially designed nutritional meals that are certified and regulated by the FDA. These meals contain the nutrition a child needs each day, and contain 21 minerals and vitamins along with soy protein and rice.

NMG members package meals at the 2019 PrimeTime event in New Orleans, LA.

“We feel that God has blessed us with our Sweet Dreams, to be a vehicle to make an impact in others’ lives,” said Greg Law, owner of Sweet Dreams Mattress & Furniture in Mooresville, N.C. in a statement. Law hosted a local packing event at his store in early November, has participated in several meal-packing events with Nationwide Marketing Group and believes that initiatives like Nationwide’s No Child Hungry partnership are critical for the community.

 “If we’re not giving back and serving others, then we’re just selling products. And we were meant to do so much more than just that,” he added.

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