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HTSN, Snap One Go All-In

Program brings full complement of Snap One brands into the fold for HTSN dealers plus education and training

Home Technology Specialists Nationwide (HTSN), the custom integration network of dealers within Nationwide Marketing Group, recently announced a new partnership with Snap One, an industry-leading source of professional-grade entertainment, networking and connected home solutions.

The partnership will give HTSN dealers access to the company’s 18 connected home and entertainment brands, including Access Networks, Araknis, SunBrite and Triad, and bring new education and training initiatives into the fold.

“Fully committing to the Snap One portfolio presents an enormous opportunity for our dealers, and we couldn’t be more excited to see how they take advantage of the partnership,” says Hank Alexander, director of HTSN. “Our custom integrators now have at their disposal a one-stop shop for their connected home projects — from distributed audio to networking, security, power and remote management, smart solutions and more.”

For HTSN, the partnership is an expansion on the existing relationship with Control4, a Snap One-owned company that has been a vendor partner for several years.

HTSN dealers had their first opportunity to get up close with the Snap One portfolio of brands at PrimeTime in Phoenix this past February. There, Snap’s VP of industry partnerships, Greg Simmons, discussed the shared vision with HTSN to help dealers streamline their custom integration businesses.

“We can do a lot of things for efficiency within any business, and I think the HTSN members are excited about that,” Simmons says. “They have a desire to understand how they can become more efficient, and I think we can help them by being that one-stop shop for their connected home solutions.”

Gregg Simmons

In addition to expanded access to the Snap One portfolio, training and education will play an important role in the partnership. Over the past several years, learning opportunities have been a core component of every HTSN initiative, from the CEDIA partnership and HTSN Member Report to finally being able to safely hold the in-person HTSN CI Summit earlier this month. The same will be true with the Snap One partnership.

“One of the things I’m passionate about and Snap One is passionate about is educating younger people about our industry,” Simmons says. “We’re going to work with HTSN members to train and educate not only their teams but the next generation of talent in their local communities. In order for us to really grow as an industry and provide the level of service our clients need, we have to focus on creating a broader understanding around the custom smart home and the opportunities it provides.”

Snap One already provides resources for their partner dealers to help educate their installers on the Snap One product portfolio — something HTSN dealers will have access to thanks to the new partnership. HTSN and Snap One will also hold a series of webinars for dealers in the coming weeks to go over some of those initiatives, as well as other benefits of the partnership, including the Snap One Partner Rewards program.

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