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Roll Tape: AVB Touts New Video Service

The medium really is the message, the buying group says.

AVB, the $19.5 billion umbrella organization for BrandSource, ProSource and other affiliated buying groups, is tightening the focus on its new video catalog program.

The initiative, announced at this month’s biannual Summit gathering in Nashville, recruits the most talented sales staffers from AVB’s thousands of independent appliance, CE and furniture dealers to shoot informational product and technology clips for use on members’ websites.

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The goal, explained CEO Jim Ristow, is to create a catalog of thousands of high-quality videos that dealers can cull to help enliven their sites and further engage customers. The videos will be taped at the company’s in-house AVB Marketing agency in Sacramento, Calif., led by chief marketing officer John White.

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In his Summit remarks, White posited video as the fastest-growing segment of online activity — projected to account for 82 percent of all online traffic by 2021 — and an area where industry competitors are lacking.

“We’re one of the last industries without robust video catalogs,” White said.

Ristow described the project as a huge undertaking, and one that local retailers aren’t equipped to shoulder alone. “If you want to do video, you need to do thousands of product videos or hundreds of technology videos,” he said. “It’s virtually impossible for the independent dealer.”

To support the project, AVB is developing a dedicated writing team of laundry, kitchen, A/V and home furnishings experts who will provide rich narratives to match the dynamic videos, Ristow said.

Added White: “This initiative will give our members a huge competitive advantage in the appliance, home furnishings and electronics categories.”

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