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Amazon Super Bowl Ad Asks: What If Alexa Lost Its Voice?

None other than founder/CEO Jeff Bezos makes a cameo appearance in this year's Super Bowl spot.

Updated! Amazon spent oodles on a celebrity-packed 2016 Super Bowl spot to introduce America to Echo.

Now that the devices dominate the smart-speaker market and their Alexa AI platform has become ubiquitous, the e-tailer is ready for Round Two.

In this year’s Big Game pitch, none other than founder/CEO Jeff Bezos makes a cameo appearance amid what the commercial depicts as a national crisis: Alexa losing its voice.

The 90-second spot also features celebrities Cardi B, Gordon Ramsey, Rebel Wilson and Sir Anthony Hopkins trying their hands at digital-assistant stand-in.

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But what’s the end game? As The New York Times reported, Amazon is making a concerted effort to humanize its temperamental titan, perhaps to stave off a possible backlash against the online leviathan. 

Amazon has pre-released the star-studded Super Bowl commercial, below.