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Using Smart Technology Smarter for Home Security

There is a real gap today in the home security market. Many consumers have Smart TVs and the ability to stream content to these TVs, but they have no way of using them to see what’s going on in and around their homes.

Similarly, some consumers have web-connected smart speakers that allow them to verbally access content from the web by asking. An example of this is “OK Google, what’s the weather like?” Usually, they cannot use this same capability to keep a real-time eye on their properties and personal safety.

How Smart is Your Home Security?

Useful, can-do tips for improving home security, and keeping unwanted neighbors at bay.

See What’s Happening at Your Home While Away 

DIY surveillance/security monitoring equipment manufacturer Swann is a pioneer in the industry and has figured out how consumers can use their existing smart technology to see what’s happening at their homes. Consumers just have to connect Swann’s security cameras to their Smart TVs.

Better yet, since Swann’s security cameras and surveillance software now supports voice-control. This means consumers can literally tell their Swann surveillance system which camera views to display on their Smart TVs. They just have to say it aloud!

How voice integration works with wired installations is that any time the consumer accesses Swann’s Wired Voice controlled surveillance system via Google Assistant and/or a Google Chromecast streaming device. They can use these to send live surveillance video directly to their Smart TV.

The consumer can even customize the commands to their liking; such as “Okay Google, show me the front door!”

Worth noting: All of Swann’s wired surveillance systems — 2K/3K/4K series DVRs and Professional NVRs (Network Video Recorders, where the video is stored across a network) now work with Google Assistant.

Close the loop on home security and video surveillance

Whether wired or wireless, Swann’s voice-controlled security cameras and recording devices make it possible for consumers to close the loop on home security and video surveillance. They can do this using smart technology that they already own and know how to operate.

Telling Google Assistant to immediately display who’s at the front door, or when a disturbing noise is heard around 1 am during a “Nightmare on Elm Street” horror movie marathon, is an amazing benefit. With Swann’s voice-enabled security cameras and recorders, consumers can literally voice control their home security and make it smarter!

TIME SENSITIVE: During June 2018, Swann is hosting ‘Swann Security Month’, in tandem with National Safety Month, to spotlight how DIY home security systems can keep consumers’ loved ones and homes safe.   

Throughout the month of June, Swann is offering consumer’s safety tips to make their homes immediately safer and more secure. They are doing this through tips, infographics, and educational videos on the company’s websitesocial platforms, and blog.

As well, Swann is offering exclusive promotional deals on home security products online and in store. They are also hosting competitions, giveaways, and promotional specials/strategic partnerships for security system retailers.

In order to contact the Swann sales team about becoming a retailer: Call 562-777-2551, 9am – 5.30pm, Monday – Friday PST, or email [email protected]


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