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These Are World’s Most Valuable Tech Brands In 2016

The Interbrand consultancy has compiled its annual ranking of the 100 “Best Global Brands,” and tech companies, not surprisingly, are well represented.

Topping the list across all industries is Apple, with a “brand value” of $178.1 billion, while the badge with the fastest-growing value is Facebook, up 48 percent year over year.

Interbrand, a unit of advertising giant Omnicom, assigns dollar values to brands based on the financial performance of their products and/or services, the role they play in influencing consumer choice, and their ability to command a premium price.

Requirements for consideration include operations on at least three major continents; a roadmap in emerging markets; at least 30 percent of revenues derived outside the home country; and no more than 50 percent of revenues from any one continent.

And so, without further ado, here is where the world’s top names in consumer tech rank on Interbrand’s global Top 100, along with their brand value and year-over-year growth:

1. Apple, $178,119M, +5%

2. Google, $133,252M, +11%

4. Microsoft, $72,795M, +8%

7. Samsung, $51,808M, +14%

8. Amazon, $50,338M, +33%

14. Intel, $36,952M, +4%

15. Facebook, $32,593M, +48 %

32. eBay, $13,136M, -6%

41. Philips, $11,336M, +4%

42. Canon, $11,081M, -2%

48. HP, $10,386 (new to rankings)

58. Sony, $8,315M, +8%

63. Adobe, $7,586M, +21%

68. Panasonic, $6,365M, -1%

72. Huawei, $5,835M, +18%

99. Lenovo, $4,045M, -2%

The complete report is available online and can be downloaded here.