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Shoppers Playing Patient This Cyber Monday: NRF

Washington — Fewer consumers plan to shop today’s Cyber Monday than last year, according to a survey commissioned by the National Retail Federation, preferring instead to wait to see what deals come down the pipeline in December.  

The “Cyber Monday Expectations Survey” conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics over the weekend found 126.9 million (52.3 percent of respondents) shoppers plan to shop online on Cyber Monday, down slightly from the 131.6 million who planned to participate last year.

“For today’s shopper, every day is ‘Cyber Monday,’ and consumers want and expect great deals, especially online, throughout the entire holiday season — and they know retailers will deliver,” said NRF president and CEO Matthew Shay. “Retailers will still offer unique deals exclusive to Cyber Monday, but consumers also know shopping on Cyber Monday won’t be their last chance to find low prices and exclusive promotions.”

A survey from supported this view, noting that 24 percent of respondents are most likely to spend the most money during December sales, compared with the 23 percent who said Black Friday and 14 percent who said Cyber Monday.

The Consumer Electronics Association offered a more positive outlook, stating it expected that 30.1 million U.S. adults (12 percent) plan to shop on Cyber Monday, up 2.4 million shoppers over last year. Of those planning to shop online on Cyber Monday, most plan to shop for clothing (61 percent), followed by books or music (44 percent), tech or tech accessories (38 percent) and toys (38 percent), it said.

When asked how they plan to shop on Cyber Monday, 19.3 percent of NRF respondents said they will use their mobile device, and 84.5 percent will use their home computers.

A recent survey found that 97.6 percent of online retailers polled said they would offer specific Cyber Monday deals.

The morning will prove to be the busiest time of Cyber Monday, with 40.8 percent of consumers planning to shop that time of day. Lunch hour and early afternoon followed with 18.4 percent and 32.5 percent, respectively.