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Zenith Introduces Remotes In Five

With the introduction of a four-function remote control in five transparent colors, Zenith is leading the consumer electronics accessories category into colors.

“We have been paying close attention to the trends in the industry, primarily in computers, and we noticed the success of the iMac with colors,” said Len Coakley, Zenith accessories VP. “We also noticed that retailers were running ads on different colors for various products like telephones, CD players, and tape recorders. So we decided to give it a shot in remote controls and we went with the five popular colors – lemon lime, grape, blueberry, strawberry and tangerine.”

To enter the color field, Zenith took a current model, a four-function remote with menu and glow-in-the-dark keypad, and added the transparent color covers. The remotes are actually clear on the bottom with the transparent colors on the top.

The remote operates most TVs, VCRs, cable boxes and CD players and offer features such as menu and a glow-in-the-dark keypad.

“We are very proud to be the first in the industry with color remote controls,” Coakley said. “And the timing couldn’t be better. It’s just in time for the holidays and at $14.95, it’s is a perfect stocking stuffer.”

It has just started to ship to Kmart and BrandsMart and will also be going into other accounts, Coakley said, adding that so far, the three most popular colors are grape, blueberry and lemon lime.

Coakley also said that Zenith is considering adding colors to other accessories.