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Xbox One Sees Holiday Deal

Redmond, Wash. – Microsoft readied itself for holiday warfare by lopping $50 off the price of its Xbox One gaming console to $349, for a base version, beginning Nov. 2.

Microsoft said the price will apply to both currently available Kinect-free Assassins Creed or Sunset Overdrive bundles, while the limited edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare package, which adds a custom console and controller, will be priced at $449.

The system was released less than year ago for $500, and has already dropped in price by $150.

The company has been playing No. 2 to Sony’s PlayStation 4 and recently countered with a more flexible cost-effective offering that removed the Kinect system.

Whether or not Sony makes a move to respond remains to be seen, but the console’s sales performance to date indicates that no price slashing may be needed, yet.

Microsoft said the special pricing offer will end on Jan. 3.