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Westinghouse Shows 56W” 2,160p LCD TV

Westinghouse Digital Electronics, a leading LCD TV resource, used International CES to unveil a range of new products, highlighted by a 56W-inch LCD TV with 3,840 by 2,160 pixel resolution.

In addition, the company showed LCD TV lines with integrated ATSC tuning (some of the first for the company in the 27W-inch through 37W-inch screen sizes), a 42W-inch 1,080p model, 32W-inch and 42W-inch integrated HDTV/DVD combo units, HDTV monitors in the 15-inch through 37W-inch screen sizes, and the first Westinghouse branded digital photo frames.

The new 56W-inch ultra-high resolution HD LCD TV is said to feature 8 million pixels (3,840 by 2,160p), or “four times the highest HDTV resolution currently available.”

The panel features an 8ms response time, 600 nits of brightness, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio and advanced color gamut.

Westinghouse Digital will initially target the display, which is slated to ship in the fourth quarter at a $20,000 suggested retail, for high-end applications in the government, military, aerospace, medical and digital content creation channels. Niche market applications are also cited for custom home entertainment systems.

In 1,080p LCD TV displays, the company showed new monitors in the 42W- ($2,799 suggested retail) and 47W-inch ($3,499) screen sizes, joining the current 37W-inch model ($2,299). The 42W-inch model is slated for a first quarter delivery and the 47W-inch model was said to be shipping in May.

The 42W-inch model — LVM-42w2 (shipping in first quarter at a $2,799 suggested retail) — features two 10-watt speakers, a 10-watt subwoofer, six HD inputs and Genesis Display Perfection advanced video processing. It includes a new industrial cosmetic design in charcoal with silver trim, with a footprint designed to fit in the same space as many 37W-inch or 32W-inch displays.

A cable management system dubbed “SpineDesign” offers access from both sides of the TV “spine” for all of the video source connections.

In fully integrated HDTV sets, Westinghouse Digital showed a line of models from 27W inches to 37W inches, all including built-in ATSC tuning. All models feature 1,366 by 768 HD resolution and five HD input connectors.

The flagship of the line is the 37W-inch LTV-37w2 ($1,699 suggested retail) which features the SpineDesign cable management system, and a black chassis with silver trim design, wall-mountable frame and detachable pedestal.

In LCD/DVD combo products, the company unveiled its first front-loading models in the 32W-inch and 40W-inch screen sizes.

The combo models feature a front-loading “auto wake” slot which detects when a CD or DVD is inserted and automatically powers the TV on, switches to DVD or CD source, and plays the movie or music. An internal Pixel Direct technology delivers the DVD video signal from the source to the screen with a nearly direct path.

Both models are available now at suggested retail prices of $1,499 (model LTV-32WHDC) and $2,299 (LTV-40w1HDC).

Westinghouse Digital also showed models in its HD-Grade family of LCD TV monitors, with screen sizes ranging from 15 inches to 37W inches.

In PC monitors, the company showed new 19-inch widescreen and 20-inch high pixel density models. The 19W-inch widescreen monitor, model LCM-19w4 ($329 suggested retail), includes display solutions for TV and desktop applications, and the new 20-inch LCD monitor, model LCM-20v5 ($399), features higher pixel density for better viewing, rendering larger fonts and for computer graphics.

The 19-inch monitor offers 1,440 by 900 pixel resolution and is suited for both desktop PC and video playback, Westinghouse said.

The LCM-20v5 features 1,440 by 1,050 pixel resolution and is said to be well suited for viewing larger fonts and images. Its resolution format is also optimized for graphics, such as Adobe Photoshop.

Westinghouse also showed an expanded family of digital photo frames in the 3.5-inch, 7-inch and 8-inch screen sizes, joining its successful 5.6-inch model.

The new models — DPF-0351, DPF-0701 and DPF-0801 — are all shipping in April, and will display digital photo files individually or as part of a rotating slide show.

Estimated retail pricing for the new models is listed as $119, $199 and $279, respectively.