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VTech’s InnoTV Seeks Out The Youngest Gamers

VTech has brought its InnoTab platform to the youngest gamers-in-training.

The company has begun shipping the InnoTV gaming system, which consists of a Wi-Fi-enabled console and a single, ambidextrous controller with a joystick, wheel and motion control.

The cube-shaped console features 8GB of memory (expandable with a 32GB MicroSD card). It can play InnoTab Max cartridges or downloaded games from VTech’s Learning Lodge content platform. More than 100 titles are expected by the end of the year, VTech said.

A second controller can be purchased separately for multiplayer game play, or consumers can play via their smartphone or tablet.

The system, which features a $69.99 suggested retail, is geared toward children ages 3 to 8.

The system comes with four learning and two multiplayer games.