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Voxx Bringing ACCU.C & 360-LP Wearable Body Cams To ISC West

Voxx Advanced Solutions is bringing its new wearable body cameras to the ISC West Show in Las Vegas this week.

The cameras, first previewed at CES in January, are engineered for law-enforcement environments.

The ACCU.C 4G is a streaming 4G wearable body camera with a rugged and portable design. In addition to capturing video and audio footage, users can stream events as they happen. The device can also live stream footage to nearby connected devices with text alert notifications, said Voxx.

The camera is also able to automatically upload content captured via Wi-Fi, LTE and/or direct download when placed into charging stations, so footage is never handled by human hands, noted the company. Data-management software provides remote archiving capabilities to store, manage, search and review captured footage. 

The 360-LP, meanwhile, is a 360-degree body, dash and helmet camera that uses the core technology developed by 360fly, Voxx’s partner in the retail 360-degree camera space.  The 360-LP captures stitch-less 360-degree video with interactive and mobile viewing capabilities in 4K resolution. The camera features a slim, curved design, able to mount to a body, vehicle or helmet.

Voxx’s 360-LP

Voxx Advanced Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Voxx International. The cameras will be displayed in the EyeLock booth; EyeLock is a majority-owned subsidiary of Voxx International.

“The introduction of ACCU.C 4G and 360-LP provides advanced technology to law enforcement and other organizations with the ability to stream, capture and record real-time situations as they occur, beyond what is available in the traditional body camera market today.  The addition of the ACCU.C 4G body camera for law enforcement officers will now give them the same capabilities that most cellphone equipped bystanders have today,” said Tom Malone, president, Voxx Advanced Solutions.

He added: “In addition to the 360-LP offering being the most versatile 360-degree body camera on the market, it also acts as an in-vehicle dash camera, providing officers with footage far beyond what is captured in standard cameras today, which only record the view through the front windshield.  With the 360-LP, officers can capture and record all events and activities in and around the vehicle, giving them a view of the front, sides, back and even inside the vehicle.”