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Vivint Knocks On Wi-Fi Doorbell Market

Provo, Utah — Vivint, the direct-to-consumer supplier of professionally installed security and home-automation systems, expanded its Sky smart-home system to include a doorbell camera.

When it detects motion or when someone rings the doorbell, the Wi-Fi-equipped Vivint Doorbell Camera sends a notification to a user’s smartphone, from which users can view a picture or choose to stream a live video. The doorbell camera also streams live HD video to the 7-inch touchscreen of the company’s on-wall Vivint SkyControl touchpanel.

Sent notifications can be customized so that users receive them only when motion is detected or only when the doorbell is pressed. Users can also set specific times to receive notifications.

At any time, users can retrieve video and audio clips on demand.

Because the doorbell comes with built-in omnidirectional microphone and speaker, a homeowner can use the control panel or smartphone to hold a two-way conversation with the person at the door. Vivint’s Cloud service also saves 30-second clips of each event for later on-demand viewing, and the clips can be shared from the smartphone.

Homeowners who identify visitors at their doorstep can disarm the security system, remotely unlock the front door, and open the garage door for a delivery drop-off.

The doorbell camera, which is powered via existing doorbell wiring, features 180-degree field of view without a distorted fish-bowl view. It also features night vision and motion-sensing technology that triggers alerts “only when people are near the doorbell,” not when pets are running about, a spokesperson said.

The doorbell services are included in Vivint’s service packages, which start at $59.99 per month.

Vivint’s system uses  Z-Wave for wireless control of door locks, switched outlets, and thermostats; Wi-Fi to connect to Wi-Fi surveillance cameras, and 345MHz wireless to connect to fire and smoke detectors and sensors such as motion and door- and window sensors.

Wi-Fi enables wireless access to the Internet for remote monitoring by Vivint’s central station and remote monitoring and control by a user’s smartphone or computer. Built-in cellular is included as a backup in case a Wi-Fi network goes down.