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Google’s Developer-Focused ADT-3 Android TV Device Surfaces At Walmart

Previously used only as hardware to aid the development of streaming apps for Android 10, the box is now available to consumers for only $29.99 at big box store under the ‘Dynalink’ brand

ADT-3 Android TV (image credit: Dynalink)

Last year, in order to help developers build and test apps for Android TV, Google introduced the ADT-3, a 4K/HDR-capable OTT device based on Android 10, with a quad-core processor, 2GB of DDR3 memory and a single HDMI port.

Google made the device available to developers through an OEM partner. The technology giant now appears to have made the ADT-3 available to consumers under the brand name Dynalink, too. And Walmart is selling it for only $29.99. (This is $20 off the $49.99 list price.)

The Dynalink device touts support for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus and YouTube on its box. In fact, the remote has shortcut buttons to Netflix and YouTube, as well as Google Play, the app store staple of Android TV/Google TV. Notably, the device includes microUSB, which lets it draw power from the USB port on a TV instead of a wall outlet.

For Google, this would appear to undermine its recently released Chromecast with Google TV, a $49.99 HDMI dongle that runs a newer version of Android TV that has been rechristened as “Google TV.”

However, Google’s strategy in regard to Android TV/Google TV seems to be more focused on proliferation of the OS rather than the establishment of its own thriving hardware business.

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