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Screen Innovations Debuts Solo 3 Line Of Indoor And Outdoor Projection Screens

The new Solo 3 — available in 375, 575, and 675 cassette sizes — replaces SI’s legacy 3 and 5 Series motorized projection screen lines

(image credit: Screen Innovations)

Screen Innovations (SI) is introducing Solo 3, a re-envisioned line of design-centered motorized projection screen cassettes that discreetly blends into surrounding indoor and outdoor environments. The clean, sharp lines of the self-contained cassette complement trending contemporary and minimalist home designs.

Solo 3 is manufactured as a visually flawless unit with no typical demarcations of the end caps. Units come powder-coated in white, black, or painted to match the surrounding surface. Alternatively, when mounted above the ceiling, the entire cassette vanishes into the architecture. The new Solo 3 — available in 375, 575, and 675 cassette sizes — replaces SI’s legacy 3 and 5 Series motorized projection screen lines.

Installation and programming ease is equally important to system integrators; the 575 and 675 Solo 3 models accomplish this, thanks in part, to the inclusion of a newly designed intelligent brain known as Moab for “Mother of all Boards.” This 485-based control board enables faster programming of setpoints, rotation, and motor reset; it automates discovery and programming of keypads and remotes; and provides customizable integration with third-party control systems.

Designed and engineered by SI, Moab features numerous inputs and outputs to support a wide range of 485-based automation and control configurations and simplify the commissioning of screen settings with other control devices such as SI keypads. Built into the translucent housing of Moab, which may be purchased separately for programming assistance, are 485- and dry contact ports, 12-volt triggers, and IR receivers. All programming can be accomplished using Moab without a computer or software.

While Moab is tucked neatly and securely inside the Solo 3 575 and 675 motorized projection screen cassettes, systems integrators can easily access it, as well as the internal motor, cabling, and screen material, through Solo 3’s removable fascia. Even when the Solo 3 cassette is mounted, systems integrators can access the internal components to program, level the projection fabric, and readjust settings.

Solo 3 is suitable for a wide range of applications, as the cassette accommodates SI’s many projection screen materials. This includes short-throw screen material for small spaces, Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) materials for areas illuminated by an abundance of natural and artificial light, acoustically transparent screens for concealing speakers, and twin-view, which presents images on both sides of the material for a 360-degree view.

(image credit: Screen Innovations)

The Solo 3 cassette may be preinstalled during construction (with the cassette and tube as separate pieces); this deconstructed design makes the Solo 3 lighter and easier to handle, requiring less muscle, manpower, and time to install than previous models. The Solo 3 375 cassette may be powered by a rechargeable lithium battery for applications where running wires is more difficult than typical projects. The lithium battery can be charged manually via SI’s recharging wand, or energy harvested by a forthcoming integrated solar panel for outdoor applications.

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